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Proper Diet and Training with me & Dossier31& hrdbdyGRRRL

1 on 1 help, diet and training discussions, start a log here and show everyone what worked for you or what u need help with
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Cycle diet help please
B51683 Jul, 2016
I'm currently 5/7 185 pounds , not sure my bf percent but I...
B51683, 6 years 2 months ago 0
Help with diet!!!!!
RJE Dec, 2015
5'10" 210lbs Not sure of body fat. Coming back into lifti...
RJE, 6 years 8 months ago 2
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  • full shoulder replacement
    Bulky Jun, 2015
    Well I've finally been released to slowly start working weig...
    MonstrousS, 2 years 4 months ago 2
    Seeking advice on how to lose fat... struggling
    supergeek Feb, 2015
    I already posted in the intro forum and posted some pics of...
    tonytulo, 7 years 3 months ago 2
    4k calories diet for 175lb male
    Origi09 Dec, 2014
    I haven't ran a cycle yet but after one month is the goal.I...
    Origi09, 7 years 9 months ago 2
    Seeking 1st Cycle Diet Advice
    chunkypbnj Aug, 2014
    I am currently eating: 6 eggs, cereal, multivitamin >> br...
    chunkypbnj, 8 years 1 month ago 7
    koko May, 2014
    Getting to bed just 30 minutes earlier and waking up 30 minu...
    koko, 8 years 4 months ago 0
    Diet and Training Help Please
    MsSquadoosh Mar, 2014
    Age: 28 Female 5'7" 153.4 lbs 23.1% BF Ultimate Goal: 128...
    MsSquadoosh, 8 years 6 months ago 4
    Vikings Carb diet
    gotguns Dec, 2013
    So I was browsing around and found vikings carb diet where y...
    kodiakGRRL, 8 years 8 months ago 5
    My typical diet - critique please.
    fatalPORKshank Dec, 2013
    I'm currently in my 2nd week of my 2nd cycle. 1-4 100mg T...
    Anonymous, 8 years 9 months ago 1
    Lend me a hand
    MrDizzle Oct, 2013
    This is the diet I have been on for a while. Any suggestions...
    kodiakGRRL, 8 years 11 months ago 6
    this is what my trainer has me doing
    Drywallstar Oct, 2013
    Three days like this, 10 grams bcaa and 10 grams glutamine...
    gambit, 8 years 10 months ago 11
    My experimental bulking diet
    LaTTTimer99 Oct, 2013
    Hi Guys / Girls. I just discovered this group. You 3 def...
    sic26, 6 years 3 months ago 25
    Need diet help
    mh001 Sep, 2013
    I'm just starting my 8 week cycle of 100mg prop EOD, and 75m...
    mh001, 8 years 12 months ago 1
    Need Advice (Edited) Hopefully Improved. Very Detailed.
    VinceM Jul, 2013
    From the start. I want you to realize I'm asking for your cr...
    VinceM, 9 years 1 month ago 7
    Best exercises for ab thickness?
    icemanrrc Jun, 2013
    I am in need of exercise advise for increasing ab thickness....
    chunkypbnj, 8 years 1 month ago 3
    Need diet help!
    blackmetaljon Jun, 2013
    I'm 4 weeks into my cycle. 630 mg per week of Test C / P. I...
    blackmetaljon, 9 years 3 months ago 9
    counting macros is a waste of time
    XvBeast May, 2013
    For the people who want to lose fat , counting macros is a w...
    XvBeast, 9 years 3 months ago 6
    diet info help
    timcinkc May, 2013
    getting ready to do anadrol...
    timcinkc, 9 years 4 months ago 2
    A easy cutting strategy
    XvBeast Apr, 2013
    If you know what to eat then this should be easy ... (On cy...
    j223, 9 years 4 months ago 16
    Calorie Counting - Meat
    waltr Apr, 2013
    i just thought of something while I was eating dinner that n...
    kodiakGRRL, 9 years 2 weeks ago 2
    Advice and input please
    indabasement Apr, 2013
    Just wanted to ask for some advice and input on current diet...
    RaW InStiNcTz, 9 years 1 month ago 7
    been a while
    Doss Apr, 2013
    long time no see, fellas! Beast, wut it do, brotha!?!?
    Doss, 9 years 5 months ago 2
    Dialing in diet
    indabasement Apr, 2013
    Never really put in the time or energy to maximize my diet....
    indabasement, 9 years 5 months ago 0
    diet for first cycle
    waltr Apr, 2013
    i'm a week into my first cycle and i wanted to ask for some...
    kodiakGRRL, 9 years 1 week ago 7
    First attempt at eating clean, how do I eat enough?!
    fatalPORKshank Apr, 2013
    I've never had an issue getting enough calories when most ca...
    Timetomoveup, 9 years 5 months ago 2
    Detox before Diet !!!!
    kodiakGRRL Mar, 2013
    I can't begin to stress the importance of detoxing your body...
    sic26, 6 years 3 months ago 17
    Paleo recipes
    sgtstedanko Mar, 2013
    LAMB BURGER WITH SMOKED MOZZARELLA: Cut 1/4 pound of smok...
    kodiakGRRL, 9 years 6 months ago 5
    Lean Bulk/Gain Diet
    Irsalt54 Feb, 2013
    Currently 210lbs BF% of 10-12. I'm looking to gain as much l...
    jonnysneakers, 9 years 1 week ago 4
    Carb Cycle for Review
    Timetomoveup Feb, 2013
    Sun No carbs Mon Low Carbs Tues Low Carbs Wed No Carbs T...
    Timetomoveup, 9 years 6 months ago 12
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