Rules and Guidelines

  • Buying or selling illegal substances through private messaging or on is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.
  • Any promotion or advertisement of illegal substances on is forbidden.
  • Creating multiple accounts is prohibited and will result in a ban.
  • Acting as representatives or promoters for sources is not allowed and will result in penalties.
  1. Username Registration
    1. Do not register more than one username, as this may result in a ban. This rule ensures there are no duplicate accounts that manipulate voting and comments.
    2. Never use your real name or any identifiable information as your username.
  2. Posting
    1. Writing Reviews
      1. Requesting products in exchange for reviews is prohibited.
        Users found doing this will be banned.
      2. Only post reviews in the review sections. Users expect to read genuine experiences. Off-topic posts, questions, customer service inquiries, and irrelevant chit-chat will be removed.
        You may write a review if:
      • You've received an order.
      • Your order hasn't arrived within the advertised timeframe.
      • You've used the products you received.
      • Do not post solely to confirm receipt of your package. People receive packages daily.
    2. NO SOURCE PROMOTION: Refrain from mentioning or promoting other websites in the thread you're reviewing.
    3. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION: Posting tracking codes, names, addresses, order IDs, emails, and other identifiable data is prohibited.
    4. NO PAYMENT DETAILS: Never disclose payment information. This poses significant risks and is strictly forbidden.
    5. Inappropriate content will be removed. While colorful language is permitted, avoid harassment, threats, hate speech, and bigotry.
    6. Non-relevant and incomplete reviews will be deleted.
      Reviews should comprehensively detail your experience, from initial contact to the results from using the products.
    7. Posts revealing personal information will be removed. This includes personal details, payment and shipping methods, emails, tracking numbers, and similar content.
  3. Posting in Forums
    1. Do not post, promote, or discuss sources or labs in the forums.
    2. Do not post, promote, or discuss specific brands names in forums.
    3. Do not post source reviews or discuss sources in the forums. We have a dedicated section for that purpose.
    4. Respect copyrights. Do not replicate articles from other sites. Instead, provide a brief summary and link back to the original source or post the link with a brief description in the News section.
    5. If personal attacks arise, they may result in bans.
    6. Always apply common sense in all forums (except perhaps in Off Topic).
  • Review Dispute: Handling Disputes and "No-shows"
    1. We do not intervene in order disputes. All issues should be resolved between the buyer and seller.
    2. We might intervene only under the following circumstances:
      1. Ensuring you're not a troll or trying to scam in reverse.
      2. Validating the legitimacy of your complaint.
    3. To confirm the above, you must provide proof of purchase or evidence supporting your claims. Failure to do so within 5 business days will result in the removal of your review and votes.
  • Voting
    1. Voting for Your Source
      1. You can rate once you've established trust within the community.
      2. You can vote if:
        1. You've received and used the product.
        2. You haven't received your products within the advertised timeframe.
        3. Orders that have been seized do not entitle you to downvote your supplier. Threatening suppliers with negative votes will result in a ban.
      3. Do not downvote based on disagreements alone. Every user has unique experiences.
  • Submitting New Content
    1. Source Review Submissions
      1. Users with sufficient karma points are welcome to suggest new websites.
    2. Picture Submissions
      1. Upload photos of the products you've received. Choose the appropriate category: Self Pics or My Gear.
      2. Minimum image dimensions: 300x300.
    3. News Submissions
      1. Share news related to steroids, bodybuilding, or fitness here.
  • Friends and PMs
    1. Befriending Users
      1. To become friends with a user, visit their profile and click the "Become User's Friend" link. Friendship is established once the other party accepts.
      2. Only users with mutual "friend" status can exchange private messages.
      3. Moderators can message everyone. If you receive a message from a moderator, you might be unable to respond.
    2. Private Messaging
      1. Engaging in any business activity, including buying or selling through our messaging system, is prohibited and may result in a ban.
      2. Don't share your personal contact details or financial information.