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I have tried 3 other competitors and napsgear has the best customer service. They literally are...
review for zydex turinabol
Well after some headaces and back and forth with naps I have in somewhat recieved my order as I...
Ordered a week and a half ago. Payment was sent as per instructions. Unable to make contact to...
el duce
I've been ordering from them since 2009. Never had a problem until now. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee...
Mr Bones
Ive ordered three times from Alin. The first was supertest and eq back in 2011. Again in late 2012...
el duce
I ordered my usual Test E (Geneza) in a 6-7 month supply; I do 250-300 ml/ week...not much but good...
So there was a snafu. I had ordered quite a lot, but one product had been mistakenly swapped for...
el duce
I have ordered from Alin for like the past 15+ years. Shipping was always fast. NOT one Seizure.
I have to start by saying that this review is long over-due. It is also somewhat incomplete as I...
You are funny, I sent pm and all trackers on websites, and ETA is written until to 31 days, you...
If I turned this into a book review it would read like this, "I read 3 books, two were good, one...
You can NOT write a review until after you use the product. Here you didn't even GET the product...
I don't even know where to begin... calling this lazy would be kind.
Was my first time trying something like this. I had fear, trepidation, etc.. etc... Boy, was I...
Another course almost completed gear is defo legit cant fault it any of purchased products i rather...
Ordered from Ashop on the 15th, they told me it would and could take from 14 to 21 day's seing as...
Very easy and friendly business with !!!
First time writing a review for any source and really wanted to leave one for BD. First off, I have...
Hi, I did order a few items from Canadian Made Lab. Very fast , excellent communications! Highly...
Thank you Naps for sending me some kick ass gear in a quick,orderly professional fassion with no...
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