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Underground Secrets Of the Bobybuilding Circuit!

Covering topics from cycles, proper dehydration methods and workouts geared towards winning a show, and diet schedules for offseason and contest prep!
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Post contest rebound into growth
lordoftheoctagon Apr, 2014
I'm asking all the vets who have done many competitions....
lordoftheoctagon, 8 years 11 months ago 2
New year - spring is coming!!
levelup Feb, 2014
This place is dead...we need to being it back. Who's doing...
manbearpig, 9 years 1 week ago 2
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  • eq cyp cycle
    timcinkc Jul, 2013
    planning on doing a eq...
    timcinkc, 9 years 8 months ago 0
    Season finished
    phil113kg Jun, 2013
    Hi everyone. My season is over with and now I can get down t...
    strongman480, 9 years 9 months ago 1
    Shutting down shop
    phil113kg May, 2013
    Hey bros I've hit a brick wall and I've decided to come off...
    phil113kg, 9 years 10 months ago 15
    One more Comp guys and then I will be free to focus on here
    phil113kg May, 2013
    Hey guys please excuse me but I have one more comp coming up...
    phil113kg, 9 years 10 months ago 8
    cycle info???
    timcinkc May, 2013
    41 years old weight 225lbs. have done many cycles ,but this...
    timcinkc, 9 years 11 months ago 0
    Insulin talk....?
    nuknuk Apr, 2013
    I notice there is no Insulin talk much on this board. There...
    gensolomon, 8 years 9 months ago 19
    Stage Three, Game Plan
    phil113kg Apr, 2013
    Earlier we discussed the topic of having a no holds bar pers...
    wallabokkie, 9 years 11 months ago 8
    My seven day diet for the Top de Colmar this coming sat the 6th
    phil113kg Apr, 2013
    Okay guys, I will let you in on my diet plan and you will se...
    wallabokkie, 9 years 12 months ago 8
    Stage Two, Personal Assessment
    phil113kg Mar, 2013
    Okay now that we have covered "The Desire" now let us turn o...
    wallabokkie, 9 years 11 months ago 62
    Stage One; The Desire to Compete
    phil113kg Mar, 2013
    Thanks Ollie for your suggestion about breaking down the sub...
    wallabokkie, 9 years 12 months ago 1
    What happens one week out from a show
    phil113kg Mar, 2013
    By demand, I was asked what happens in the last week of my p...
    wallabokkie, 9 years 11 months ago 17
    phil113kg Mar, 2013
    Okay, it was brought to my attention that I needed to screen...
    phil113kg, 10 years 1 week ago 0
    Nutrition and THE misconceptions
    phil113kg Mar, 2013
    Here is a topic that is brought up most of the time my PMs....
    johnnyb5309, 9 years 11 months ago 62
    Roll Call
    phil113kg Mar, 2013
    Sound off if you are in this group. I need to know how many...
    timcinkc, 9 years 11 months ago 88
    Getting settled inn
    phil113kg Mar, 2013
    Let's get down to business. There have been lots of info sha...
    wallabokkie, 9 years 12 months ago 5
    Welcome aboard
    phil113kg Mar, 2013
    I've been given this wonderful opportunity to step in and be...
    phil113kg, 10 years 1 week ago 2
    New Admin/Owner needed.
    BFG Mar, 2013
    If anyone is willing to take ownership over this group, post...
    phil113kg, 10 years 1 week ago 9
    BFG Feb, 2013
    Although most of information posted in this group is legit a...
    juiceme, 10 years 2 days ago 5
    32 days out and counting
    phil113kg Feb, 2013
    gambit, 10 years 1 month ago 1
    5 weeks out
    phil113kg Feb, 2013
    phil113kg, 10 years 1 month ago 0
    Mr. Universe 2013
    phil113kg Feb, 2013
    Well it's been confirmed that I will be doing the Mr. Univer...
    humpnpump, 10 years 1 month ago 15
    Maintaing All Your Gains On PCT or Bridging!
    PapaSwole Feb, 2013
    Coming Tomorrow! :)
    strongman480, 9 years 11 months ago 24
    Need advice on Winstrol oil base
    phil113kg Feb, 2013
    I'm running winny [email protected] 50mg ED and I've tried winny depot b...
    Gorillafit, 10 years 1 month ago 14
    Female Bodybuilding Schedule(offseason program)
    PapaSwole Jan, 2013
    Ladies and Ladies......LOL. Here we will discuss the compoun...
    strongman480, 10 years 1 month ago 9
    Advanced Workout Plan!
    PapaSwole Jan, 2013
    Training Schedule - Day 1 (Legs) -hang with me here. Yo...
    phil113kg, 10 years 1 week ago 68
    Bridging and it's Purpose!
    PapaSwole Jan, 2013
    Taking a look into bridging or as we call it cruising there...
    PapaSwole, 10 years 1 month ago 14
    How to Cope with Hunger when Carb Depleting!
    PapaSwole Jan, 2013
    Coming soon!
    klaydo68, 10 years 2 months ago 2
    Custom Diets!
    PapaSwole Jan, 2013
    Here we are a family geared to help fine tune your diet with...
    PapaSwole, 10 years 2 months ago 21
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