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Injury lounge

A group where we discuss EVERYTHING injury related. How to identify, home remedies, when to see a doc, etc, etc. & how to train to avoid injuries
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Bicep tendinitis
BCrabtree84 Feb, 2021
What can I do to help my bicep tendinitis? It’s killing my b...
BCrabtree84, 9 months 4 weeks ago 0
Both elbows scoped and cleaned....
Anonymous Feb, 2021
...UCL reattached R elbow with muscle tear debridement and s...
Anonymous, 9 months 4 weeks ago 0
Lost a vertebrae
My Second Life Sep, 2020
Suffered an IED related burst fracture of my L4 over in the...
My Second Life, 1 year 2 months ago 0
Please Help!! Knee Issues - Want to squat
rkaon2012 Oct, 2016
First time post in this particular group, so please don't ho...
Naomi94, 4 years 10 months ago 1
Pentosan polysulfate
kh1216 Aug, 2015
Hey bros I came across this compound in my research for heal...
kh1216, 6 years 4 months ago 0
Generator Jul, 2015
Anybody using BPC-157 for repairing injuries ? Thanks in a...
Generator, 6 years 4 months ago 2
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  • Taut muscle bands and trigger points; saline trigger point injections?
    cthangorilla Jun, 2015
    Hey everyone I had a question regarding taut muscle bands, t...
    cthangorilla, 6 years 5 months ago 3
    Help Advice Injury muscle sprain?: Cutting cycle what to do?
    trock1988 Sep, 2014
    Hi, I'm on a 12 week cycle and I just finished my 4th w...
    trock1988, 7 years 2 months ago 0
    Lower back pain
    KhalDrogo Sep, 2014
    This summer, i finally went to a doctor to get my persistent...
    bulletmatt, 5 years 11 months ago 2
    Replacing my Partial knee with whole knee 1.5 years after
    ref May, 2014
    Had partial none Nov 2012 came loose from bone only fix is...
    ref, 7 years 6 months ago 0
    5th knee surgery
    BeastMode5085 May, 2014
    looking for advice to speed recovery. I just had my 5th kne...
    Zydex Pharma, 5 years 5 months ago 1
    Disc Protusion between L4 and L5
    redNblue May, 2014
    Hey guys I hope amongst you all none have suffered from this...
    irongame427, 7 years 5 months ago 4
    Chest pain
    Emperor Mar, 2014
    Today I was training my chest - it's monday so its internati...
    Zydex Pharma, 5 years 5 months ago 2
    Back problems
    niffi Mar, 2014
    Ok everyone heres what's going on. I have pain in my right s...
    Hawkdc, 7 years 6 months ago 3
    spine fusion
    PL.LUKE Feb, 2014
    niffi, 7 years 8 months ago 2
    Shattered Femur and Fractured pelvis
    Sirk1981 Feb, 2014
    On February 4th I was in a pretty bad car wreck. I was T- Bo...
    Sirk1981, 7 years 9 months ago 1
    Strained brachioradialis of the forearm
    TimberDog Feb, 2014
    About 4 weeks ago, I noticed some discomfort in my forearm/e...
    TimberDog, 7 years 1 month ago 7
    knee issues
    hollywoodham Sep, 2013
    so ive recently been having a small amount of joint pain in...
    Pmob, 8 years 2 months ago 1
    muscle spasms
    sta1087 Sep, 2013
    Back rhomboid muscle spasms i have had cortisone shots and i...
    sta1087, 8 years 2 months ago 4
    pain during pushing movement in shoulder muscle
    waltr Jun, 2013
    well, i had to look up an anatomy diagram of the shoulder mu...
    Bulky, 7 years 10 months ago 7
    Got tendonitis , look here
    XvBeast May, 2013
    XvBeast, 8 years 6 months ago 0
    lower back pain
    jackarow Apr, 2013
    I've had a problem with my lower back for several years now...
    sic26, 8 years 1 week ago 13
    left shoulder and lwft trap pain
    Anonymous Apr, 2013
    So I been suyfering from my left shoulder and left trap off...
    Anonymous, 8 years 6 months ago 4
    c-rooster Apr, 2013
    Well like it says i fell at work thru some grating... Its be...
    c-rooster, 8 years 7 months ago 4
    Elbows and Shoulders
    recguy63 Mar, 2013
    I am a little older than most on here most likely. My should...
    LindsayJackson, 8 months 3 weeks ago 3
    exciting "new" peptide
    biggerthanyou Mar, 2013
    TB-500 I encourage all of you with injuries to thoroughl...
    Anonymous, 8 years 7 months ago 10
    Tendonitis, stretched ligaments
    mbuck Mar, 2013
    I stretched all the ligaments of my right knee in a motorcyc...
    LaTTTimer99, 8 years 6 months ago 16
    Arms are numb
    gsleepy Mar, 2013
    Ok Sarge let's see what we can come up with for this. I have...
    gsleepy, 8 years 6 months ago 10
    Partial pec tear
    humpnpump Mar, 2013
    Heres a pic . I was maxi...
    humpnpump, 8 years 9 months ago 4
    My List of Injuries
    XvBeast Mar, 2013
    nerve damage both hands. solution : Surgery Tendon rupture...
    XvBeast, 8 years 8 months ago 4
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