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In this forum we discuss advanced cycling that is not covered in the forum
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4 week cycle
Rustyhooker Oct, 2015
I've always kept short ester ed runs at 6 weeks or more. La...
Rustyhooker, 7 years 5 months ago 0
the slin thread moved
Roid Noid Sep, 2015
up4down delete edit reply GearHead 2 days ago Y'all...
Rustyhooker, 7 years 6 months ago 12
drol sdrol
sic26 Apr, 2015
I was Googling this and just wanted to get more info on it f...
sic26, 7 years 11 months ago 2
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  • making a gram of test or more work?
    Rustyhooker Apr, 2015
    Seeing several folks now post that going above a gram is a w...
    Rustyhooker, 7 years 10 months ago 9
    Rustyhooker Feb, 2015
    Last cycle went well so modifying last cycle to observe the...
    Rustyhooker, 7 years 9 months ago 82
    suggestions on how to run boldenon ace
    sic26 Jan, 2015
    Have been researching other guys ways of running it from ol...
    irongame427, 8 years 2 months ago 16
    Cycle just out of the gate
    humpnpump Jan, 2015
    Just began this cycle a few days ago. 800mg EQ 16 weeks f...
    humpnpump, 7 years 10 months ago 33
    Next Cycle
    PIN_CUSHION Jan, 2015
    I've decided to scrap my winter run after finding out my gea...
    irongame427, 8 years 1 month ago 49
    double frontload EQ
    Roid Noid Jan, 2015
    I started it last wed. my frontloads are a little different...
    humpnpump, 7 years 11 months ago 72
    Last cycle
    Rustyhooker Dec, 2014
    Posting this to note observations and tweaks to make it bett...
    Rustyhooker, 8 years 1 month ago 5
    tren base
    Roid Noid Nov, 2014
    what are you guys running this at? 50-100mg/1 hour preworkou...
    irongame427, 8 years 2 months ago 54
    Next cycle idea's I have been considering.
    Pale Sep, 2014
    This is hardly advanced by most of your standards, but cons...
    manbearpig, 8 years 6 months ago 25
    sic26 Sep, 2014
    Who has used two 19nors together with no problems
    Pale, 8 years 5 months ago 46
    fucking tren
    Roid Noid Aug, 2014
    Been running 100mg/d for weeks now. A couple different brand...
    humpnpump, 8 years 5 months ago 22
    Intermidiate at best
    BlackDoug Aug, 2014
    I want some input on this bulker I plan on running this fall...
    BlackDoug, 8 years 7 months ago 28
    Best cycle you've ever done.
    irongame427 Jul, 2014
    What's the best cycle you've ever done? If it was a bulker h...
    irongame427, 8 years 7 months ago 19
    Water based test is no fun.
    irongame427 Jul, 2014
    Go some 21g needles instead of the 25g I use for oil. draws...
    VIKING EVOLUTION, 8 years 7 months ago 71
    Roid Noid Jul, 2014
    started it today, thought it was gonna make me feel like sup...
    Roid Noid, 8 years 8 months ago 20
    Bulk - British style!
    Catalyst Jul, 2014
    Once I get my arm out of this poxy sling I'll be getting mys...
    PIN_CUSHION, 8 years 4 months ago 88
    favorite stack
    rolltide3 Jul, 2014
    If u only had one cycle that u could do for the rest of your...
    Gymjunkie01, 8 years 8 months ago 30
    HIGH calorie intake
    manbearpig Jul, 2014
    On my next cycle, ill be using test and npp. And I will fini...
    manbearpig, 8 years 8 months ago 0
    kale shake
    Roid Noid Jul, 2014
    nitti put me up on this guy, a video he had me watch, pretty...
    Gorillafit, 8 years 8 months ago 9
    PIN_CUSHION Jul, 2014
    I've got a bulk planned for this winter. I've been playing a...
    Rustyhooker, 8 years 8 months ago 20
    double front load EQ
    Roid Noid Jul, 2014
    so ive wondered about this for awhile, I double fronloaded t...
    irongame427, 8 years 8 months ago 39
    rolltide3 Jul, 2014
    I'm just curious as to everyone experiences with high doses...
    Rustyhooker, 8 years 8 months ago 81
    sic26 Jul, 2014
    Test-E 750 mg weekly Tren-A 150 mg ED Total 1050 mg weekly...
    sic26, 8 years 7 months ago 46
    I just finished up
    Roid Noid Jul, 2014
    a 16week cycle as follows 1-16 test-e 600mg/w 1-16 EQ 60...
    Catalyst, 8 years 8 months ago 11
    How do you rotate your compounds?
    epcfitness May, 2014
    Talked to a good buddy of mine who competes in bodybuilding...
    kodiakGRRL, 8 years 9 months ago 4
    EQ only cycle begins
    IrishMack Jan, 2014
    Tomorrow will start my 1st day of running strictly EQ @350 a...
    IrishMack, 9 years 2 months ago 53
    growth and tren
    Roid Noid Nov, 2013
    Running growth with tren gives me horrible sides. At 2iu/d f...
    Catalyst, 9 years 4 months ago 14
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