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Fall/Winter EBC Bulker 2013/14


BOOM ITS BULK TIME!!!! Here we go Boyz & Gurlz, its finally time to get big again! No more booty shorts and half shirts walking through the mall for Ed with 6 inch spikes thank God!
Its Ed day instead of groundhog day. Once he packs away all tapioca puddin and hail damage hanging out of his shorts and slidez on his leggings and flannel duck dynasty shirt we know we can BEGIN THE BIG EATS! Goofy phuker and his aimless walk around the food court blowing a duckcall with a mouth and pocket full of cordog 7's finest with mustard all through his beard and intertwining nose hair! Makes me wanna thrkw up in my pants just thinking about it!

OK we've put it off long enough, the idea is bulk folks. That does not mean pork up so you appear to be wearing cammo at walmart blending in with the fattest laziest country on earth. It means big lifts, big kitchen but might wanna leave the twinkiez for the people parking in wheelchair spotz driving electric carts who have actually eaten their way to a handicap sticker and type 2 diabetes!

So for me i roll dirty in the first half of one of these often then clean and big to finish but clean and big the whole ride is not a bad thought either. By dirty i mean i have been known to eat a tub of ckttahe cheese over a day with my big eats and yes maybe even an ocassional pizza with all meat topping convincing myself "its carbs and protein right?" Lmao....well honestly the big clean route is the way to go even if you end up with a few cheat meals in the first half of the rjde.

I might say look back through our success storiez in the bulk comps and maybe get with some of those people and take some advice. I can think of one right off. Our own Shrapnel put a hardcore beatdown on the competition and if I remember right pulled on over 40 lbs and it was a nice 40 too! I still remember all the tears and crying by the competition and theif coaches. It wasba sad day for sportsmanship! Lmao

Alright lets do the dayum thang. Keep in mind...neither myself or Carlos want to yield 1000 pm's wifh your cry storiez about your baby momma or you're in the middle of a herpes breakout and scabbed up blah blah blah! If you can't follow the rules and meet the deadlines then you can't play!
If you have a question that is not answered in this thread..then the answer is NO! Lol

EBC Rules: 
    5 Prop100
    5 Tren Ace
    5 Mast Prop100
    2 VAR 50x50mg

    2 packs of orals - ur choice between Drol, Dbol, Winny, Var or Proviron
    4 bottles of Test E
    4 bottles of EQ
    4 bottles of Tren Ace
    1 pack of Adex
    2 packs of All in One PCT 1
    1 pack of Cialis
    1 pack of Viagra

    $200 Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products

    100 off 200 + dollar purchase to the top three

    £200 of store credit for the winner!

    $300 worth of product

    $300 in products

    $300 store credit - 1st place
    $200 store credit - 2nd place
    $100 store credit - 3rd place

  • RoidsSeek.Com
    $700 store credit to each winner

    1 pack Anavar 100mg x 50 tablets
    1 vial Tren Ace100mg/100ml
    1 vial Test Prop100mg/50ml
    1 pack Prami 1mg x 50 tablets
    2 packs Aromasin 12.5 mg x 50 tablets
    1 pack pct blend 76.25mg x 50 tablets

    £300 store credit to the winner
    £200 to second place
    £100 to third

    $400 store credit - 1st place
    $300 store credit - 2nd place
    $200 store credit - 3rd place

    3 boxes Nolvadex 30tabs 10mg
    2 boxes Bayer Shering Proviron 20tabs 25mg
    2 boxes Sopharma Clenbuterol 50tabs 20mcg
    100tabs 10mg Dianabol Vermodje
    100tabs 10mg Stanozolol Vermodje
    10ampules Galenika Test e
    10ampules Norma Test e
    10ampules Omnadren 250 (Sustanon) 250mg/ml
    10ml Vermodje Test p 100mg/ml

    $200 store credit - 1st place
    $150 store credit - 2nd place
    $100 store credit - 3rd place

    300$ Balkan Pharmaceuticals products for the winner

    1st $300 Order any product
    2nd $200 Order any product
    3rd - 5th $100 Order any product

    1st Place: $200 credit for orals
    2nd Place: $400 credit for injectables
    3rd Place: $400 credit,
    1 of each oral,
    3 of each 10ml injectable

    10vials 10ml asia pharma

  • Trustedanabolicsolutions.NET
    3 Test-E,P,C
    3 x Tren-A &,E
    3 x T.A.S.- BOL (125mg Tren-A, 75mg test-Prop
    3 month supply of our best selling Advanced Organ Armour

    £200 store credit

EBC Donors: 

One pic of you and a current USA today in both open and closing pics.

  • Front Double Bi
  • Front lat spread
  • Back double bi
  • Back lat spread
  • Most Musclular
  • One pic of choice
  • One pic you in it with your USA Today with open and close pics

No pic doctoring , air brushing , altering of any sort and if caught you will be disqualfied and BANNED!!!
Again, a 7th pic with USA today and some body present will be required for opening and closing pics.Remember, full body (head to toe) present in pose shots, all of them.Make sure the lighting and background are the same for the opening pics and the closing pics and have the same pose for opening and closing as well.....again, all 6 required core pics.

**OK so we know.....a lot of questions around bulking and what is it. No, it is not just who hainsd the most. If you gain 20 lbs and there is nice recomp and the weight is distributed equally showing nice proportion etc, you will beat the guy who gained 50 lbs ,no quality, no proportion etc. QUALITY IS KING! Getting fat is not bulking its porking, this is not a porker. **

Follow the compettion rules, give me 6 poses with one extra pic containing the USA Today (6 pics total).
Give me a brief yet precise description of your cycle and goal and then BOOM, GET TO WORK!!!

Opening pics deadline will be November 15th at 11.59 pm CST.
Closing pics must be identical to opening and deadline is 11.59 pm January 31st 2014 CST

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Here we go

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Good luck to all contestants! I'll be cheering and helping as i can.

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Finally, been waiting all week for this. GOOD LUCK ALL!!

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The "Enter Contest" link is broken though.

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Thanks bro. I was up early grabbing a USA Today. I live in a small town, there were only 4 left when I got there lol.

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No shit, I love that stack for cutting! Add some HGH and its sweet!

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Thanks muta! You are always down to support every ebc

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Thanks Muta, but I'll save that for next winter. I'm gonna bulk all year!!

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Ok, time to grab my paper this week!! /roar!

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Hey Tread can the most muscular be our choice? Hands on hips for example!

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Sweet 2 be in this contest!

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should it be known ahead of time who's gear we're running? sorry to be a noob...

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right? maybe you mods could come up with some contest with those parameters, but unfortunately I think it could be subject to manipulation.

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Way to bring it CD and Zewi!!!

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Edit. Never mind I'm a moron.

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I read down a little further and figured it out.

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(HPG standing in doorway glaring at Tread with a disdain look...daggers fly from her eyes.)

Eh FUKIN HEMMM!!! honey...are you fukin kiddin me!? PUMPKIN PIE??? REALLY???

(HPG, grabs Tread by the ear...drags him back to the room. A LOUD THUD and the door flings open.)

THERE WILL BE NO PIE UNTIL AFTER TURKEY DAY!! Demm da rulez ladiezz n gents..sorry..dont wanna end up like T now do ya?!

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Well i need mo mucusin!!!

Oh and dat crust, betta be gluten free!!

Paging Dr. T.... PAGING DR. T..... HPG needs ur assistance again in the bedroom....need my lovin...bout riiiiight NOW!!! ♡♥


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How's that link coming along tread?

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Same here. Getting antsy, times a ticking.

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Didn't yesterday good to go now brotha

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Decisions, decisions..

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Ordering my stuff this week as soon as I can get everything I need in one spot with my broke ass. Pictures coming very soon. This will be my first EBC and first crack at competition ever. I will be hitting it full force and I put on mass pretty easily. Of course I'm in this to hit the weight I want and be competitive, so gear and bragging rights would totally be an added bonus. Goodluck to all!!! Should be a good time.

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Hows the judgeing work, is it size added compared to ones starting wieght as a percentage, or just added wieght in general.
Cause adding 40lbs at 300lbs is way easer then at 100lbs.

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It is a scoring system based on 5 categories I believe? Not just weight.

dabuddha669's picture

is just like size symmetry seperation shape kinda deal?

dabuddha669's picture

i don't think it's quite that objective seeing as how could anybody be sure of that anyways. You have to write a description of your goals. so for me a quick one would be, "to add as much lean mass as possible"

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You meant adding 40 at 100lbs is easier than at 300lbs right?