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+ 56 Gorillafit's HGH Test Results with Links


Thought it would be helpful to put together a listing of links to the HGH that I have tested.
Even though all the tests are up under Picture - Lab Tests, I sometimes have trouble finding older tests that someone asks about.
Be aware these tests are for the product and batch tested at that time, and are in no way a definitive indication of the quality, or lack of quality of a particular lab. Also, different sources may have different batches or even the same batch stored differently and may yield different results!

Kigtropin - First time testing and did not do HGH Serum, or understand testing protocol yet. -IGF-1 260

Myo HGH - Generic from "his lab". -HGH Serum 0.7

Hygetropin Green Tops - 200iu kit -HGH Serum 21.1, IGF-1 359

Riptropin -HGH Serum 47.8

VIPs -HGH Serum 21.6

Ansonome -HGH Serum 0.8

Kigtropin ** -HGH Serum 2.5

Yellow Tops - Generic -HGH Serum 0.8

Serostim -HGH Serum 19.4

Kefei Biotech -HGH Serum 26

Blue Top - Generic HGH Serum 16.9

Hygetropin Brown Tops -HGH Serum 30.8

Gold Diamond Generic -HGH Serum 0.6

Riptropin -HGH Serum 28.3

Yellow Tops from NapsGear -HGH Serum 10

Yellow Tops from Roidspot -HGH Serum 12.4

Blue Tops - IGF-1, from firsthgh.com (buy-kigtropin) -IGF-1 269

Hygetropin Brown Tops - IGF-1 from firsthgh.com IGF-1 237

Hygetropin.cn Yellow Tops - IGF-1 from firsthgh.com IGF-1 465 -Blue HGH Serum 17.7

New Blue Tops 1st batch HGH Serum Test from firsthgh.com (wrong link)

Hygetropin Brown Top - IGF-1 288 Re-Test with split dose, and "New" Kigtropin -HGH Serum 0.8

Evogene tested for GorillaGear - IGF-1 524 and HGH Serum 2.1

Black Top generics #28 - tested for firsthgh - Don't think he'll be carrying this batch! -HGH Serum 0.3

4iu Blue Tops - tested for FirstHGH @4iu-HGH Serum 5.7

10iu Blue Tops - tested for FirstHGH -HGH Serum 19.9

Black top HGH Serum tested for Stealth-Anabolics - HGH Serum 6.9

10iu\4iu Blue Tops tested for FirstHGH IGF-1 - 301

Hygetriopin Black Tops Serum from FirstHGH - HGH Serum 6.7

Hygetriopin Black Tops from FirstHGH IGF-1 and Serum Re-test HGH Serum 4.6 IGF-1 394

Note: I will continue to update this list as I test.

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I found it, some of his igf-1 numbers similar to mine at about same i.u. one test his igf was high as fk but gh normal

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I hope I can be this informed about this stuff. Thanks for all the extra info man! +1

If you could say what would be your number one right now?

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Recently yellow.cn.

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Your welcome, this started a couple years ago with a couple other guys and I just stuck with it. HGH is tough the more info you have to make decisions the better!

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Thanks for all of your testing brother,lots of well spent Money and time invested that is very much appreciated! +2

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Thanks Bro, next up is Hyge Blacks Serum and IGF-1. That should go well with the Mass Spec Angus just posted on them.

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Anything on dr lins yellow tops?

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Thank you sir!

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What happened to the VIPtropin bloods?

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? People that got replacement kits were supposed to post bloods but I haven't seen any?

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Ah, I see. Reason I asked is because the link doesn't go anywhere. But that makes sense, I'll have a look and see if I can conjure up something.

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OK my link. It was broke I guess? I fixed it.

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I cant believe I never thumbs upped this and I come here all the time, so +1.

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Thanks ChemDawg!

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This is very helpful, bro. +1

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Your welcome! I should have a couple more up in a couple weeks.

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message sent

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Fantastic post thank you

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Will you shoot me a pm gfit? Got a question to ask ya. Sent you fr btw

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It use to be Hygetropin.com.cn. Unfortunately they ave had some issues recently with low IGF-1. I'm waiting for their Tech guys response to my inquiry, I have sent labs and authentication codes, unfortunately won't hear back til after Spring Festival is over. 2nd week of February. Currently I'd say Hyge.cn yellows are testing good.

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Right now Its tough. Hyge.cn has the best #s recently, some have posted decent IGF-1 on Hyge.com.cn, I haven't seen any rip bloods recently.

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Nvm excuse me

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No problem, let me know if you change your mind?

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Gorillafit...this is awesome man.

Were you able to order direct from http://hygetropin.com.cn?

Again all of this is awesome...thanks for doing this man.

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Thanks Bro! I don't order enough to get good pricing from them direct.

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my hats off to you Gfit, thank you much for taking the time, money and ( the best part) the effort of testing these many different GH products I have been doing my research for over six months before I'll soon decide on ordering my first run of growth. last time this old boy looked into gh kigs weren't all that bad comparable to rips and had gotten good feedback, just wasn't ready for gh then, I cleary see that hasn't been the case in quite awhile. you saved me a lot of time, money and disappointment. thanks again brother!

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No problem bro, trying to learn as much as I can and just sharing the results. Keep an eye out, tomorrow should be the "new" Kig results along with the Hyge.com.cn Brown retest for IGF-1.

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is the brown tops hygetropin in the tests the hygetropin.asia? or what?

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All you have to do is click the link and look. They are .com.cn.
It looks like hygetropin.asia is a reseller site that supposedly sells .cn, .com.cn, and Hygene versions of Hygetropin. Its funny the way 1/2 their images on the home page say "Jintropinstore.com" on them!

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really god its hard ro keep up with all this bs....

so is the hygene version GTG? have u tested?
been offered hyge.asia but now I don't no what they are? brown top pin wheel?

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Brown top pin wheel are .com.cn.
Hygene are "supposed" to be the only licensed, real Hygetropin.

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ok mate, ill stick with the hygene then as I can get that at a fair price!

so many copys etc out there u just don't no

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+1 since one of your results made me choose tht particular brand Smile brown tops hyge

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I'll be posting IGF-1 on the Brown Tops next week. This test will be AM\PM split dose.

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Eagerly waiting and thanks a milllllllllllllllion again!!! I mean this is priceless. I got brown tops because I saw your tests and comments on sides you faced and then saw brown tops as best

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I'd say by Sat-Mon. they'll be posted.

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What's up my friend? Sir, the test you did for the Blue Tops from FirstHgH is the test for the Yellow Top form FirstHgH

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The last 2 I did are firstHGH, Yellow Hyge.cn IGF-1 and Blue top.
Next week I pull blood for Brown top Hyge.com.cn IGF-1 and Kigtropin HGH Serum.