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2nd cycle


Week 1-20:
Testosterone Enanthate 500mg (166.67 mg pinned 3x per week)

Week 3 -20:
Hcg 250iu eod

Week 1-18:
Boldenone undecylenate 500mg (166.67 mg pinned 3x per week)

(Optional please give opinions) Week 15-21: oxandrolone (anavar) 25mg 2x day

Week 22-27 PCT: 6 weeks Clovis/nolva first two weeks at double dose standard pct but 6 weeks because of long cycle.

So I’m not planning on running another cycle for quite a bit but I’m just trying to do my due diligence and learn more and get opinions and such until I’m ready to finally pull the trigger.

Next cycle is 97% going to be a body reconstitution cycle. I’m already fairly lean, but I want that rock hard endurance mode body.

I thought about tren since fits my goal the best, but it seemed waaaay too much for my second time and only having done test before. Figure I’d add in equipoise since it’s very mild and helps boost hematocrit plus the vascularity gains are super tempting.

I also thought about adding anavar since it also fits my goals. The liver toxicity puts me off a bit but other than that low sides plus hard, strong, and endurance make it tempting.

I’m more leaning towards equipoise since it’s mild super mild. I could do both, but I’m still new and approaching with caution and asking advice.

Thoughts/Advice welcome, I wouldn’t consider myself a total newbie, but I’m nothing compared to you gurus. Lead me please and I would be very appreciative.

Edited my injectable’s to say pinned 3x per week instead of 3x per week to clarify that I’m only planning on doing 500 mg of each injectable and not 1500mg of each lol.

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Planning on using an AI at all on this ?

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I wasn’t planning on it no. I have some year and a half old aromasin, but I didn’t need it on 500mg of test and eq is supposed to have an ai like quality to it.

I figured I had it on hand in case of emergency and it’d probably still be good. I actually kind of expected the opposite to happen and I planned on potentially having to cut eq dosage if my e2 levels get too long and to have some test base or prop on hand to try and get my e2 levels back up a bit.

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Fuck... what did your first cycle look like? YOLO

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Just 500 mg of test E a week for 14weeks. It went pretty well. Around 10 or 12lbs of muscle kept.

You think too much of a step to add in eq or var so early? The length was only because I read eq needs time otherwise it doesn’t work well.

I’m all about that yolo life I’d love to push the envelope and go crazy with it, but I promised myself I’d be sage and safe about it.

If the cycle length is too long or there are too many compounds I’d like the advice of the more experienced guys. And I would have to imagine moderators are fairly experienced.

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I’d edit and write “500 mg SPLIT 3x a week” for both test and Eq because the way you wrote it, it looks like your doing 1.5 grams of test and 1.5 grams of Eq. Per week And I’m hoping that’s not what you mean

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Ah I can see the confusion. Yes it’s 500 mg every week.