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Hey everyone I’m new here, but I’ve been lifting off and on for about 15 years and only really seriously for about three years.

I’ve done a single steroid cycle last year. It was test e 500mg/wk (100mg 3x wk) for 12 weeks with Clomid/nolva standard 4 weeks pct. Went well gained about 15 pounds and kept 10 of it after pct.

I’m hoping to add another compound my next cycle which I hope to run sometime early next spring. I am probably going to do a decomposition cycle next so I was hoping maybe to add boldenone to my next cycle.

Anyway, I hope to learn a lot from this community and hope I can give back as well!

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Welcome, I'm new here too. What is a decomposition cycle?

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Bro, remove your face from your picture

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100mg 3x a week is 300mg
I also hope you're not going to be decomposing next
You've come to the right place for help, probably, expect a lot of shit but remember that it's out of love.