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Quad pinning


I know there are a lot of arteries in the quad. I’m pretty sure I hit one or a vein or something when I pinned my hcg there once and I squirted out a thin tiny 29 gauge spray of blood for a second.

I was completely fine but I thought about going to the hospital. I’ve seen in like movies and stuff people dying from damage to arteries in legs.

Is pinning with a larger gauge needle in the quads dangerous? If I hit that blood tube with a larger diameter would I have been in danger?

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Hurts too much,i rather do glutes

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I tried last cycle and found it inconvenient. Sometimes I wish I was two so I could wash my back and pin my ass easier lol.

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Pinning my quads = walking on stilts for two days. Pinning glutes= perfection.

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It sounds like you’re new to this, so I’m not sure why you’re even pinning your quads? Glutes and side delts are so much easier. I’ve had many successful quad injections, but I’ve also hit small nerves many of times, even on the upper outer portion of the quad. Just stick to glutes for now bud.

And no, you don’t need to go to the hospital because blood came out from an injection.

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Yeah I’m newer. I’ve only done a single cycle. Delts were my favorite. Very easy to reach and no pain or pip. Quads were the same way and I never had any issues except that one hcg injection.

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You’ve only got the femoral artery in your quads, so if you stick to “upper outer” you’ll never be anywhere close to it. Some guys just don’t get on with quad pins to be honest, so not essential to use them.

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Probably not in danger just from nicking it. But I just avoid the quads all together. Just because of all the nerves and stuff and if you get a sore spot it kills to walk. When you get a sore spot in your ass it doesn’t really effect walking. I’ve sprayed blood out with big gauge needles several times, it’s kinda freaky but never been an actual issue for me.

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Appreciate the anecdotal experience. Thanks brother!