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+ 1 Gear Storage & Heatwaves


Never really thought too much about it until the current UK heatwaves rolled through, and most the threads I searched out on the forum regarding storage are coming close to a decade old.
Currently I've just got everything (Orals, Vials, Meds) in a thick container with a slip on/off top, but considering the room temperature can get up to around 32°C I can't imagine it being too much cooler in the container, but at least it's protected and buried out of the way of direct sunlight.

Anyone have any recommendations for products / containers to store gear and keep the temperature more reasonable for it?

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I use this for storage. My stuff is in a kitchen cabinet but I have ac.

Essential Oil Storage, 30 Bottles,Essential Oil Holder Case, JSVER Essential Oil Case for 5ml, 10ml, 15ml Bottles Travel Storage Organizer Bag for doTerra, Young Living Oils, Premium, Aromatherapy https://a.co/d/8ZtpS5l

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That actually looks really good for vials, definitely would be more organized than my current storage lol. Might have to pick one up.

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I got the idea off this site a long time ago.

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People in Australia must find UK sort of problems very funny Smile

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The main problem is that we don't have air conditioning in our homes like many in the US and other hot countries do, so when we get freak spells of hot weather it can be unbearable indoors. Even my local hospital doesn't have it which is beyond belief during the summertime.

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How about to put stuff into the cellars then? Where do you guys store wine, year long??

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A lot of people who drink White have these specialist fridges in the kitchens, these undercabinet things with the glass doors, then for Red's I really wouldn't know as I've never liked it Lol I think a lot of them use the garage as they tend to keep fairly cool, some houses do have cellars though especially the older ones.

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And that's exactly what I meant. I also have this wine fridge 17°C next to my couch + we have cellar. So first that come into my mind is just to put my stuff in there, when its too hot / cold, because of the stable temperature...

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So yes I agree heat should not destroy the steroid hormone, now extreme heat I wouldn't take a chance with. You always want to keep oils away from light, preferably a dark place and at room temperature. Folks have to understand that MCT oil itself is VERY durable, outlasting the majority of oils, not oxidizing as fast as them, but I would still take precautions. That's just me. And yes cold causes gear to crash but again, it will not destroy any steroid molecule and slight heat will correct this crash issue. As far as orals or meds, keep away from light and best to store at room temperature. Lil tip....if your gear is always crashing due to temp you can always take pipe protection coverings and wrap them up. May have to do alterations. Extreme I know but it works

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The heat is not bad for the oils and orals. It is best to keep them in a place where the temperature will not fluctuate drastically. The extreme cold is more of a concern with crashing gear

If you have peptides then I assume they are safe in the fridge or cold storage.

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I'm in the UK too buddy so know the current situation you are going through Lol You will have more problems with gear crashing during the winter months than you will with them possibly going bad whilst we have weather like this I can tell you from 8 years of experience. All that will happen atm is your oil will pin much better because it is warm - Max temp it reaches in my place is 27 C whilst its 32 C outside like today. Obv with the past freak weather it was much warmer but that is once in a blue moon. Once that gear starts arriving in the cold British post is when it becomes a chore having to suspend it again!

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Solid, well that's my worries at ease - Thanks for all the detailed replies

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Well I can tell you the oil is going to be fine. When making anabolic steroids you heat a carrier oil with powder and solvents. Injectable steroids become thinner when heated and easier to inject, and can withstand very high temperatures since heating was part of the production process. Injectables do not handle cold well, they "crash" or crystalize, this is what you need to be more worried about. You would have to boil the oil to burn or alter it, not happening in a semi hot room.

Now the tabs are different, medication has different temperatures to be kept at. If it is pharma it will have storage instructions on the pamphlets. You might need to refrigerate certain medications. Hope this helps, cheers.

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