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First shot got wrong


Hey guys, I started my first cycle of 500mg testo yesterday (Sunday) instead of injecting 250mg I did 500 by mistake. Should I skip next Wednesday's dose and do it next Sunday or go as per normal? It's Test E.

Thanks a lot!

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No stay in your injection rhythm, check the page spotinjections for more tips

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You wont fall outta bed.....


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You didn’t notice the syringe looked pretty full? Was this your first pin into virgin muscle? If so, get ready, it might hurt a little for a few days.
On a cruise I pin on Monday and Thursday. 500mg total a week is a good start. Don’t expect huge results unless your diet and gym routine are spot on.
Good luck

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Alot of people will front load when starting a cycle anyway so this is no problem at all. Don't skip any doses.

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Stay the course; don't skip the next dose.