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+ 1 2nd Cycle Test P, Test E, Nando Deca, Anavar


Hi Guys doing my second cycle in a couple of months or so after i have blood test done here goes

Items I have

2 x Test P 10ml Vials 100 mg/ml

3 x Test E 10ml Vials 250 mg/ml

3 x Nando Deca 10ml Vials 250 mg/ml


Hcg empty steriale vials and bac water

Nolva 20mg tabs

Chlomid 50mg tabs

Week 1 to 6 100mg Test P EoD.

Week 1 to 12 500mg Test E A week in same syringe as Deca Tues/Friday

Week 1 to 12 500mg Nandro Deca A week in same Syringe as Test E Tues/Friday

Week 6 to 12 60mg of Anavar ED.

Week 13 Hcg 1000iu Per Week

Week 14 Hcg 500iu Per Week

Week 15 Hcg 500iu Per Week


Chlomid 50mg
nolva 40mg

Chlomid 50mg
Nolva 20mg

Nolva 40mg

Nolva 20mg

Other Items In hand If Sighns Of gyno or any sides during cycle
hcg,nolva and arimidex,aromasin

Thanks People

Any advice welcome

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nice one mate i will look into your suggestion il do some more research

thanks for your help bud

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cool i will look into the pct i have about a month or 2 before i start so ill do a bit more research on the pct side.

so you suggest i take 750mg of test e? does it matter that i am already takeing test prop EOD for 6 weeks? and maybe up the test e to 750mg on week 7 wen iv stoped the test prop?

thanks for help

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I can't remember your other cycle. Have you done deca before on a 1:1 ratio? I used to be able to do this fine but on my current one I've had to bump it up to a 2:1 ratio for libido. I'm not certain if I have weaker test or my body is just being odd. Adding Proviron has helped tremendously along with switch labs for my test. Looks like you have a great plan IMO.

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my last cycle was test e 500mg week and i did 2weeks of anavar week 7 to 9 then crashed cycle on tenth week due to thinking i was takeing bunk test e. anyway blood tests were done and the test e turned out to be legit im gonna start pct in 2 weeks. its going to be my first time takeing deca on my second cycle is their any sides to watch out for while on deca apart from Deca dick lol?

your help is appreciated thanks

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Some water weight can occur, but I found this has more to do with diet than the deca. An eroids dude just posted an after pic of his deca cycle and the guy looks jacked with no water weight. Even though the rest of me may not be holding water I've noticed my face still looks puffy, it goes away after pct. Other than that bro you're gonna love it. You'll see how great this stuff builds out your base frame once it kicks in.

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cool bro thanks