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Prop every 36 hours?


Thinking about pinning prop every 36 hours as compromise between EOD and ED to get more stable levels. It's it good idea? Do you have any hands on experience with that? Apart good planning, i can't see any cons.
Example: Day 1 (9am) Day 2 (9pm) Day 4 (9am) Day5(9pm) etc.. What dosage would you recommend to get 500mg/week (calculators do not work with this option), i guess 100mg every 36 hours sounds about right, right?

Update: 3rd cycle, during last cycles(logs in my profile) i found out i like the way how my body reacts to test prop during prop taper(also got accustomed to eod pinning). Been off 5 years (hence my zero karma-had to ask mods to reactivate my username) so my cycle 3 would be just simple test prop+Anavar:
Week 1-6 : 100mg eod test prop
Week 2-6 : Anavar 40mg
Adex on hand
Pct standard clomid/nolva

I tried roid calculators and levels on 100mg eod were quite up and down opposed to ED, so that's why I come up with ideas of every 36 hours.

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My best experience using prop was injecting 100,mg twice per day . It worked very very well lol but what do I know lol

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Come on Shred and Rusty come and pull my comment apart then give it some negs as always.

WTF?? taunts? After I said to break it up? I guess I have to treat you like a child...You can go to your room for a week.

Shred and rusty don't even think of posting a reply. If you need to get something off your chest, do it in PM or you'll be banned as well.

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lets pretend you pin 15mg of prop, 48 hours its still 15, 6 hours later its dropping to 7, 6 later its 5, etc.

You want to get technical about it and keep levels stable? Pin every 51 hours; its right before drop and during peak. good luck being able to do that unless you dont work or leave your home and plan on getting up at all hours of the night to pin, or being in the middle of a grocery store and pull out your needle. In theory it sounds great; in practicality you will still miss the window. Best to just do it eod at the same time.

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Im not sure i dont shoot prop —- But i will say judging from your pictures that you have. Hgh problem lol man thst alot of hgh
Cant wait to see an updated picture bro

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Baldwin shot prop and killed someone

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Gauntlet thrown.....


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What do you weigh in your profile pic rusty ?

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Look a lot heavier in the pic , bloated carrying a lot of water /fat .

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How tall are ya ?

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Get a yard stick... break it in half. He's that tall.

(Those are 2"x 2" tiles behind him)

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Too soon, Too soon. Wait until someone else takes the fall for it.

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Kiss 3

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Sounds like too much overthinking to me.

Stats, goals, priors? Current cycle plan?

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Post updated

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Nice cycle...like eod. Var too is fun imo! If lean cutting diet is on deck your layout is a favorite. Var kills my appetite but the srrength boost is sweet. Watch the heartburn. Some folks swear by apple cider vinegar...i eat lotta tums. Ugh...