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-1 Tren cough can make devil cry !


Has anybody figured out how to deal with tren cough? Is there a way to stop it or at least decrease it ?
Last time I almost threw out my lungs
I get this problem specially with acetate one

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100mcgs of Ventolin before you inject, try it before you disagree Smile

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It is Albuterol inhaler, good for cutting, similar to clenbuterol, brachial dilator. When you get tren cough feels like lungs are squeezing right?

The mechanism for tren cough is not understood. Also mixing tren in your syringe with something else oil based helps.

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It is an inhaler, very available in almost all countries. I would do some research on it, it is an excellent fat burner.

Take 1puff (100mcgs) right before you pin. Works like a charm.

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Now to burn fat. Do you inhale pre cardio or how does that work

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Yeah Ventolin is only for the tren cough trick, you want 2-4mg tabs for fat burning

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You need the tablets for burning fat. Just don't get a big enough of dose from inhaler. Works good for relieving spasms in the lungs but not sufficient for effective fat burning. I use an inhaler for my allergies and tabs for fat burning.

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Can you please send me the albuterol source if you have time I appreciate it everything

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I appreciate that friend, I do this just to help others though, not for rep Smile

You have great physique, keep it up!

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Of course, there is lots of good information here on this forum, some of it is buried away.

Use the search tool on top for specific topics or go to a user profiles and view forum posts.

@Makwa has tons of stuff