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-1 Psychiatric drugs and steroid cycles


I believe one of the most underestimated discussions is the relationship between psychiatric drugs and steroid cycles
We all know , sometimes life gets hard and bad and dark things happen to us
Like a family member loss , a car accident , a divorce , injuries and what ever which affects our mentality and cause depression and anxiety and other mental issues
So we seek doctor and we get medicine... anti depression, antipsychotics , lithium and other mood stabilisers and ...
but the question is what if we have to use them during steroid cycles?
Im gonna talk about my personal experience about using one or two of these drugs during my steroid cycles
1- let me sleep as much as i want without any difficulties (helps recovery)

2- I usually get aggressive during cycles, but these drugs keep calming me down and help me relax ( help recovery and self control)

Unwanted side affects:
1- some of them extremely suppress your sexual desire even during cycles which makes you madly horny !!! I believe it means these drugs are extremely suppressing testosterone activities in your body as well ! That means problems building muscles !

2- upset stomach!
For no obvious reasons some of these drugs cause upset stomach, like acid reflux or issues related

What do you think about side affects? Do you have personal experiences with these drugs during your cycles ? How do you manage them?

Share your knowledge here and help others Smile

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