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Using 2UI for a 4-6 months



How do you see using 2IU of hgh for 4-6 months? I tell you my situation:

38 years old. Constant trainer for many years, with sporadic AAS use. For personal reasons I had to stop training a few years ago. I have been reading a lot and I have seen that hgh, releasing IGF-1, is very positive for saltelite cells, allowing us to recover the muscles of previous years in record times.

In addition, I am interested in other advantages such as the quality of sleep and rest, tendonitis that I have and is not 100% cured in my elbow, the quality of the skin, hair, the small help in fat loss and muscle gain, etc...

I am clear that I do not want to use AAS. That's why I use hgh in mild doses to minimize the side effects. The only one that scares me a little is glucose and fatigue, but I think that at 2UI it shouldn't be a problem.

What do you think of my approach? Thank you

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When i first started gh i went with 2 iu/day done in 1 shot. I'm a few years older than you and i did get my igf levels checked before i ever started running gh. My levels were low. Bottom of the reference range low. Within a couple days of starting 2 iu i noticed a huge decrease in recovery time for my muscles. I could work a muscle group to failure one afternoon and by the time i woke up the next morning i would barely be sore. Sleep quality improved some. I got the crazy vivid dreams for a few weeks. Felt more rested in the mornings even though i hadn't gotten any more sleep than usual.

My goal was always to run 3-4 iu/day minimum off cycle and 5-6 on cycle. So i didn't stay at 2 for long. I went up by 0.5-1 iu/day every week. So i can't say if 2 iu really helped my skin or caused my hair/nails to grow faster. By the time i got to 4 iu i definitely noticed that my hair, beard and nails were all growing noticeably faster than before i started gh. I've been running at least 4 iu/day for 6-7 months now. Hair and nails still grow at an accelerated rate. I do still recover from my workouts faster though i don't think it's quite as good as it had been initially. Sleep isn't as good as it had been for the first month or two but still better than it was.

If you're going to do this you should go get your igf-1 levels checked beforehand. If you have good levels then 2 iu might be pointless for you. I didn't get my levels checked until i had been running 4 iu for a month or so. It was a large jump compared to what it was. But it was still only in the middle of the reference range. 6 iu put me into the upper middle of the reference range. For other people those sorts of doses puts them well above the reference range. I think the real answer to your question of "what do you think of my approach" is that the only way to know for sure is to get your levels checked several times along the way on top of keeping track of the physical effects you notice. Maybe 2 iu would be worth while for you. Maybe it would barely replace what you're already making on your own. There's really no way to know without testing.

Also if you're worried about the fatigue you can either break up the dosing into 2 shots or just do 1 large shot before bedtime. That way you either reduce the amount of fatigue you experience or the fatigue will actually help you get to sleep. But you will get used to it after a little while so the fatigue isn't a long term issue.

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I think it has a lot to do with your stats as well , what are you weighing? I’m around 270lbs right now and my training partner is around 230lbs. We can be using the same brand hgh and he will get the same results on 4-5iu as I do on 8iu but I don’t get the same results as him if I’m on 4iu . Also there’s a difference between brands with how affective it is.

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Well that's not much at all, and at best a replacement dose, depending on your age. If you're younger possibly some minor fat loss

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Ive been on 2 iu for 30 days then jumped right into 3 iu for the last 10. Havent see a difference yet but i did one night get such a BADDD swollen wrist that lasted 17 hours of

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Are you also using AAS or just hgh? Did you feel any benefits in this 30 days? And how long dou you plan to use? Thanks for sharing

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Im using aas. But have noticed a difference in hair growth, more shaving face , toe nails growing, and some signs the stomach is getting tighter and havent boosted up cardio yet
But no noticeable effects from 2 to 3iu yet

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38 yrs old. Yeah at that point you're just using a replacement dose

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Glucose isn’t really a big issue. If your active, not overweight and not pre diabetic, there’s almost nothing to worry about. There’s guys taking 20 ius a day with zero insulin and there resting blood sugar has had zero change. They give it to children in massive doses and monitor there glucose a few times a year just in case with blood work, but that’s only because it CAN happen but it’s not a pressing issue. And sleepiness idk about cus I’ve never had it from gh lol

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Sorry I forget to say Im 38 yo: Thanks for your replies

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Depends on age, 2iu is considered anti aging dose. But the older you are this maybe replacement dose. 3iu and above are used for fat loss and bodybuilding. Your tendonitis will not feel better on GH possibly worse depends on your tolerance. Glucose and fatigue will not be an issue at that low of a dose.

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Did you test? Get your levels because if 2 i.u is only going to replace your current levels then save your money

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surely if your level is low then any additional will be beneficial