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+ 1 Why I should have never accepted the Arm wrestle match



I was out with my buddies and drinking of course.. Booze + Tren + Testosterone + Ego = BAAAAAADDDDD.. Needless to say I accepted an Arm Wrestling challenge from this other big juice monkey, and he didn’t win.. we were tied for like 3 mins straight and I finally said fuck it after I felt a tear in my arm.. now its been a week and my arm is finally healing.. For the record I hate arm wrestling and swore to myself I would never do it again.. shits soo pointless and now my training was fucked for a week.

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technique is right i worked with an old lady that could take just about anybody down including myself

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Yea.. I hate when my buddies always try to wrestle me.. just because im the biggest dog on the porch doesn't mean they should challenge me.. I broke my buddies took a weekend ago when I smashed him on the ground.. three things that irritate me.. One Waking me up from sleep, two food, and three money.. don't mess with those and your golden lol..

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ha same reason i quit wrestling buddies at work dislocated my elbow few years back wasnt pleasant