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I learned something today. I bought some hcg from a source here. I went to test it on a pregnancy test we had at home and it came up negative. I have 5000 iu vials and put about 1000 iu straight onto the test stick.

I emailed the source and he suggested I try the following: Put 1ml of water into the 5000 iu vial. Draw out .1 or 500 iu. Put this into a container and dump 10 ml of water on top of it. This diluted the mix by 100 and made the 10 ml of water contain essentially 50iu of hcg.

Tested positive immediately. Just thought I’d put it out there in case others might be looking to test their hcg later. Turns out if the hcg is too concentrated it will show a false negative on the pregnancy test.

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Very interesting! The last 10 vials I ordered I bought a handful of tests from dollar store and they all came back negative. But testes size and sex drive increase we’re great so I drew it up to bunk .99ct tests but I’m looking forward to trying this when my next order lands

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Wait, I’m not understanding this correctly…. I’ve been dealing with HCG for years from India and never had a bad batch. I’ve always taken 2ml off BAC water and injected it into the vial with the HCG powder and mixed it. After the HCG powder was diluted I would take the 2 ml of HCG and BAC water mixture and put it into a new sterile vial then mix 3 ml more BAC water to complete the mixture. This would make 5000iu of HCG in 5ml of water. I just did this with a source and it turned up negative. Never seen a negative prego test from HCG unless it was fake. This mixture you have doesn’t really make sense to me but I’m going to try it…. Sent u friend request need to pm u

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I accepted. Send me a fr and I’ll try to help.

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10ml is too much, too less HCG inside the concentration then, I draw up 1000 IU and 1ml injection or bac water, thats the best way!

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I’m sure there are many ways to do it. 10 ml, 1 ml, 5 ml etc. what I learned is if it’s too concentrated it will show a false negative. As long as you’re diluting it prior to testing by some degree I presume all will be well.