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We are a seasoned USA based source that has been around for over 10 years.
We don't do flashy graphic intense websites, bright colors and in your face advertisements. Our website is set up so there is no need for communication between any party, streamlined, simple, fast.
We are not careless reps working from a Chinese warehouse and we do not send your items from China or Russia like some other sources.
We're people, just like you and we put the people first. Unless they're assholes, in which case they can fuck off.

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Fr sent. Can I get the code

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BOGO fo sho

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Check the promo, bromo

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Always found you to be the BEST. I’ve been faithful for years!

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Considering making a lower dose DHB blend to reduce the pip but make it worthwhile to pin such a low dose. Like 50dhb/75 test e
I'm open to suggestions, I want DHB to not suck

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New pip free DHB blend
Now DHB free

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I honestly think 100mg is already low, considering there are several sources carrying 150 or 200mg/ml. Not sure how much a lower one would sell. But blending it with EQ or test could be a good compliment.

DHB 75mg/Test C 100mg
DHB 100mg/EQ 100mg

Either of these Gotta help with the bite, no?

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Eq might, I may try a whole new recipe for this altogether, start from scratch and see what we can do at 100 or even 200.
Anyone want to be a test subject? We're launching monkeys in to space next

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I’ve been waiting to try DHB!! I’d love to be your test monkey lmao. Personally, I think higher concentration would be the way to go to pin less ml each time, and combine it with your other gear

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Way back in time when the sponge was still around he had 250mg. Smoothest pinning oil I have ever used. That’s what made me fall in love with dhb. It can be done. On some 200mg right now and zero pip. I would try a recipe retweak. I know there was lots of guiacol in it.

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There's quite a bit in there and EO, I'll step up the Guaiacol until it turns purple!

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When you can smell it from a mile away then you know you have enough giuaicol

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Yall got me nervous now. I might have to test pin half cc, cold into quad as tester. Lol!

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Use this instead

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I love the pip... makes me feel normal...lol!!!

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@UncleYoked I have been looking for someone to make a 200mg DHB. Make it and I’ll buy it 100% only two other spots I know have it and both very un reliable so I don’t bother. I’m currently on a DHB run now I use 600mg a week. So a 200mg would help lower volume for me

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@UncleYoked Ready for launch

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@UncleYoked I’ll bring my helmet!

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100 Test cyp/ 50 DHB/ 50 EQ
50 Test Cyp/ 50 DHB/ 50 bold cyp

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restock coming in right now

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restock going up now

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late post pack landed pics loaded. check them out oils clean and smooth to pin. happy pinning boyzzzz

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Restock coming shortly

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Had peices of rubber fall into my vial on my extreme tren aces half way through each vial pretty disappointing was enjoying the half ml pins everyday made it nice and was starting to feel the surge glad they switched vials for the future 23 gauge is what was using to thought it'd be small enough but I was wrong lol

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We're doing away with the 13mm completely for this reason.
How much did you lose of that vial?

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Yes I remember you guys posting about it here because of that issue and it was about half way through 2 bottles that the rubber peices appeared I ran one and it happened and tried to.be more careful on the second one but wasent successful

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Alright man, accept my FR and send me your order number if you would

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