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We don't do flashy graphic intense websites, bright colors and in your face advertisements. Our website is set up so there is no need for communication between any party, streamlined, simple, fast.
We are not careless reps working from a Chinese warehouse and we do not send your items from China or Russia like some other sources.
We're people, just like you and we put the people first. Unless they're assholes, in which case they can fuck off.

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I placed a order a little bit ago and for whatever reason I was charged twice. Can you email me to get this resolved ... thanks

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respond to the email you received your order confirmation from with the issue. We have no way of charging you twice since we don't initiate transactions. Only you can pay twice from your end. Email the admin with ALL the information, date, times, transaction IDs, amount, order #, etc and we'll get it sorted out.

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Hey Unc, I submitted request to upgrade my account. This morning, am I notified once that is complete-ready to order. Thanks!

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Any idea when we’ll see a caber restock?

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restocky time. Orals and some oils in the morning

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Anyone try their dhb yet

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I posted review on it. Above...check reviews

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FR sent brother.

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order touched down the new vials look wonderful and cant thank you boys enough

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Post some pics!

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@riproll4 @JRambo @[email protected] @3nh4nc3dathlete @BALLISTIC @Jordank1994 @Erockowitz @Jarros8a @Gyaku-zuki
You guys were the Wonka Winners, I know some of you claimed your prizes but I never did hear back from all of you. I sent a mass DM on Christmas day, did everyone get it?

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Touchdown! Thanks unc! Review to follow. You’re the man

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Mass DM received.
Thanks again Unc!!!!

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Hey UncleYoked. Just curious when you think you'll get more anavar back in stock?

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With a little luck we'll have it updated on sunday night, if not, tuesday

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Actually, we'll have it listed by sunday, maybe with SR9011

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UncleYoked I’m a closet user I have never left a review and I have bought from u guys since u opened my genetics suck! But I will say the best shit I have ever used in 25 years is your DHB I got an email said u might discontinue it please don’t!!!

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No no, discontinue the TNE Blast. The DHB 200 we will keep. I wanted to try and lower the solvents on this batch to see if it would hold but it didn't.

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I have found if I mix 1cc dhb and 2cc of what ever I have no pip. It’s just amazing now need to get the NPP back up to 200

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Even 150 would be better

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We've made a little addition on the site, you can now link your eroids account to your order.
We can use it to upgrade your account to steel and if you're a trusted member, you will be fast tracked on the processing in the event of 'delays', kinda like the one we experienced this past week

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Unc when’s the DHB gonna be back ?

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actually...tomorrow, along with much of the other oils. Finishing things up right now

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I'm a liar, the DHB crashed. Tried to adjust the recipe and lower the solvents, god didn't appreciate that. We'll fix it and have it up shortly

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Cool thanks for the update .

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@UncleYoked so who ended up winning the wonka contest. Did you not make that public for this one?

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I decided to leave it up to them to announce their win/winnings. But there were 9 winners over all, 1 never claimed, I tried to give the prize to the next person who posted a wonka bar (non winner) and then he never replied, so poor little shit Mike TeeVee had to go at it alone

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