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SARMs the new anabolic with less androgenic effect

This group is here to educate and collect new data, info, results and bloodwork to make a one stop shop to learn about SARMs
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Sarm stack for powerlifting.
Max_lifts Aug, 2020
Daily, 40mg rad140, 8mg yk11, 25mg ostarine, 20mg Ca...
Max_lifts, 2 years 1 month ago 0
Sarm.only cycle.or.combo?
daddyking1220 May, 2020
I'm new to the sarm game so I'm asking you guys that have tr...
daddyking1220, 2 years 4 months ago 0
Ostairine and testalone
Martin1234 Oct, 2019
I am currently doing a sarms cycle of 10 weeks ostarine and...
David81, 2 years 11 months ago 3
Cjc 1295 labeling
Jmacmcgrath90 Sep, 2019
Anyone shed some light and help me with this cjc 1295? Now...
Jmacmcgrath90, 2 years 12 months ago 0
bigbob Mar, 2019
Anybody have any experience with s23? I have tried ostarine...
Pmob, 1 year 8 months ago 1
Ostarine albuterol and t3 cycle
Tilla the hun Mar, 2018
First time with sarms, figured id try ostarine does anyone h...
beyourownbank, 3 years 11 months ago 5
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  • Fragment 176-191
    JARHEAD2 Oct, 2017
    I’m considering this after a good friend shared his experien...
    JARHEAD2, 4 years 11 months ago 0
    High quality Sarms
    Purplepandalabs. May, 2017
    Hey guys, We are a verified source here. Purple Panda Labs...
    Purplepandalabs., 5 years 3 months ago 0
    Rustyhooker Apr, 2017
    Upcoming cycle im looking into 20mcg igf1 post workout. Sou...
    Rustyhooker, 5 years 3 months ago 9
    Any updates on YK-11?
    Jmiahjohnson Apr, 2017
    I'm considering trying out YK-11. I seen a ton of posts from...
    beyourownbank, 3 years 11 months ago 1
    First Sarms Cycle
    3005 Nov, 2016
    I have decided to stay away from AAS at least for now and de...
    true grit, 5 years 9 months ago 2
    Sarm stack with aas?
    austinvail Oct, 2016
    Was looking into stacking sarms and peptides and figured thi...
    austinvail, 5 years 11 months ago 0
    Nate5252 Sep, 2016
    I'm running Lgd 4033 for 8 weeks I'm on week 4,The next 4 I...
    Nate5252, 6 years 6 days ago 0
    New to SARMS
    Quadzilla8764 Jul, 2016
    It seems as though I am posting all over the ppace, but I am...
    cogarc01, 6 years 3 weeks ago 1
    SARMS - Better for fat asses or leaner losers?
    ALamb7x Apr, 2016
    I'm no stranger to the gym, but a stranger to diet dedicatio...
    sanmarino, 6 years 5 months ago 8
    Personal Opinions Desired.
    slobondisknob Apr, 2016
    Evening Gents, New to researching the SARM world and a...
    slobondisknob, 6 years 5 months ago 12
    Sarms and test suppression
    alpha2000 Mar, 2016
    I have been reading alot about these sarms and how they are...
    FillTheSyringe, 5 years 3 months ago 10
    YK 11 Side Effects?
    ewferrell Mar, 2016
    Hey guys, new to the group but not new to sarms use. I have...
    BoMan, 6 years 5 months ago 8
    Sarms stack during pct and bridging
    Pipelinesteve4 Feb, 2016
    In your personal experience what combo stack would you use d...
    Pipelinesteve4, 6 years 7 months ago 2
    My SARMS stack. Ideas?
    theCanadian Feb, 2016
    This will be my second time running Ostarine. My first cycle...
    theCanadian, 6 years 7 months ago 2
    Help with a stack
    mayidiya Feb, 2016
    HI, i am new to using any of this and i have read extensivel...
    flounder, 6 years 7 months ago 4
    SARM stack
    TheForgotten11 Jan, 2016
    I have ran 2 sarm stacks on the past and my last was LGD wit...
    humpnpump, 6 years 8 months ago 3
    SARMs private label lawsuits
    humpnpump Dec, 2015
    Blacklabel labs is in a lawsuit from another supplement comp...
    thebigbus, 6 years 9 months ago 9
    New to sarms
    roidbay Dec, 2015
    Morning! I am new to sarms, is there a sticky or sarm bible...
    roidbay, 6 years 9 months ago 0
    Bandolero Nov, 2015
    Has anyone heard of this compound called SR9009? I've read a...
    Bandolero, 6 years 2 months ago 20
    Best Sarm = yk11
    FillTheSyringe Nov, 2015
    I know on paper its supposed to be a type of myostatin inhib...
    Nate5252, 6 years 6 days ago 27
    Rad 140, and LGD
    FillTheSyringe Oct, 2015
    My next little experiment. Going to run the LGD at 10mg a da...
    FillTheSyringe, 6 years 10 months ago 5
    lgd-4033 run
    bolt781 Oct, 2015
    Current weight is 287lbs. I'm on trt year round due to young...
    bolt781, 6 years 10 months ago 22
    Ostarine, S4, GW 501516, albuterol log
    humpnpump Sep, 2015
    humpnpump, 7 years 1 week ago 0
    LGD 4033
    humpnpump Sep, 2015
    Very good SARM for lean body mass, but suppressive. I wouldn...
    humpnpump, 6 years 7 months ago 12
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