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Protocol for dropping dbol as estrogen support


I am ending my current blast in a week (750mg primo 600mg test e per week)

Crashed me estrogen to single digits and have been using dbol to keep estrogen in good range (30mg per day) for the last 6 weeks.

Dropping to cruise and would like to know if anyone has a good recommendation for dropping the dbol? I was thinking about cutting it in half for a week. Then half again for another week then dropping it altogether.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Test enth and primobolan enth should be half lived out in around 15 days. Try half dose for those 15 days. Low estrogen for me is sore elbows and dry lips/skin. If mine is low ive gone with just 10mg but a blood test is the science to really dial it in. Everyones body responds different.

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Much appreciated, thank you