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Post cycle questions


This was my very first Cycle

About how many weeks off cycle does it take to realize how much weight your gonna lose. I'm nearing 4 weeks I've gone down to about 222 lbs from 232. I was 182
when I began my cycle.

I noticed some shrinking in my shoulders already which was alarming at first but honestly I just look a lot more cut and less bloated. It's not any where near as bad as I thought it was (so far)

So at what point will I know I've lost all I'm gonna lose? 4 weeks or 6 or ...

I was on test E 600 and Primo 800 about 16 weeks and still using about 4ui hgh daily.

Clomid 50 x2 daily
Nolva 25 x2 daily
Hcg 650 EOD (till my sore joints go away)


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You gained a lot I assuming some fat because 40,lbs is dam good. Buy also you shouldn't have done anything but test with first cycle. Probably would have about the same results. Also do you have before and after? 50lbs including some water and fat is still alot of fucking weight. Also cause you gained it so fast your body does not like that change and is wanting to get back to it's set state you were at. So you are going to do what Makwa said and eat alot to keep gains. Eat like you are 225 230 lbs. Also make sure PCT is point and get bloods to make sure your levels are back to normal.

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Unless you are cruising or TRT then yea your going to lose allot of it. it takes years to really "Keep" allot of your gains and muscle mass. good first cycle. I probably would have saved the primo for my second cycle but its not the worst thing Ive seen as far as first cycles go. There is allot of Androgens that are stored in the trap and shoulder area so thats why they can get so swole and get smaller once you PCT. I have read somewhere that Primo is good at helping you keep your gains but that was just one article that I read so Im not sure how much research there is on that. Pretty good PCT as well. You will lose allot but if you maintain a good diet and keep your calorie intake up then you might keep some of what you worked for.

Question : were you using any Kind of Aromatase Inhibitors while you were on cycle?

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Honestly the primo worked pretty well keeping my estrogen low. I added it the second month of my cycle. I have aromasin and Adex ( I hate the Adex) and nolvadex. Every once in a while I needed 12.5 aromasin and I used nolva frequently.

i added the primo mid cycle because it's a dht derivative and many claim it works as a AI. It was 200 per ml (painful as hell) and shredded my hair line (even on RU55678) So I am curious if it was even Primo or mast or what. I'll never really know.

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Even if you're cruising and/or on TRT you don't keep all your cycle gains. Everyone that "cruises" or is on TRT would have a never ending growth of muscle if that was true. You can keep 70-80% of your gains if you keep training and eating properly after a cycle. Guaranteed OP is losing a ton because its all glycogen and water and he is not continuing to train the same and/or eat better.

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Whatever weight you gained for the first half of cycle, expect to lose all of that for sure. That was just due to glycogen loading. What you end up keeping will primarily depend on your diet and training now. Eat like a 182 pounder and you will go back to that weight. Eat like a 220 pounder and you will keep alot more. Your body is going to want to get rid of that excess weight, if it is muscle (the fat it will want to keep), so if you give it just an inch right now with poor diet and slacking in training, it will take a mile instead. After a couple of months you should be fairly confident in that what you have left should stay. If you are still in PCT your cycle really isn't finished yet. Blow your PCT and pretty much expect to lose everything.

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Awesome information. Thank you sir.

I was honestly hoping my losses were already fully realized at this point but it is what it is.