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High Estrogen


Ive been having the symptoms for some time now. ED, Trouble reaching orgasm, moody etc.

I had my bloods done and its off the scale!! 307 pmol/L

Im on 500mgs sustanon and 400mgs Deca weekly, split into every 4 days, 0.5 arimidex on pin days. However, symptoms of ED and orgasm were present before this cycle.

Im waiting for my PT to advise, but was wondering, what is the go to to reduce the oestrogen?

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Obviously need more AI then and need to check prolactin also.

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Not Prolactin its oestrogen.

I know its down to more AI, but was wondering what others use.

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How do you know it isn't high prolactin, Did you get prolactin checked?

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Yep, and taking Caber with the Deca

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So you are only taking 0.5mg adex E4D?

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I would do .25mg M/W/F to start and then if needing more .25mg EOD.

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Thanks for the info

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Personnaly i include in deca cycle proviron and masteron and it control E2. I don’t like use AI

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The go to to reduce estrogen is to reduce your dosage of aromatizing compounds I.e testosterone and deca which aromatizes as well.
I recommend all athletes the use against any aromatize inhibitor especially in an off season. They have negative health consequences on their own and it’s a drug which you can avoid with an intelligent stack design.
Start with a testosterone dosage and see where you’re limit is without needing an AI before experiencing estrogenic side effects. If you reached your maximum tolerable testosterone dosage and need more total mg’s per week to progress then add in non aromatizing compounds like mast or primo. These on the other hand will even lower E2 again since they compete with the androgen receptor with testosterone. So with the addition of DHT derivatives you will most likely be able to tolerate more testosterone than without them too.