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Lyophilized HGH Expiry?


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I found some HGH in lyophilized powder form that I have had for around 3 or 4 years now, but the vials are in the plastic tray still and not the box anymore so I have no idea what the expiry date was.

Is it still okay to reconstitute this with BAC water and use it or does HGH go bad once past expiry unlike steroids do?

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It isn't going to kill you but probably won't do much of anything either. Most of the sources I talk to that actually manufacture HGH say couple years tops if kept in fridge. Get some fresh stuff.

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I was waiting for your response bud!! Lol I think I will just try 3iu's and see if I get the tired feeling I usually get. I was always under the assumption that the powder could be kept at room temperature, but now everywhere I look says to keep it in the fridge or even in the freezer if in powder form.

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What's the worst that can happen, really nothing and who knows you just may get lucky. I would expect to get a little bit out of it but nothing like if it was a little fresher. Don't expect 100% potency Lol Keep all your peps in the fridge, whether reconstituted or not.

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In terms of the recovery aspect from it which is the sole reason for me trying it again, how much would you say its noticeable? Is it a case of where recovery that would normally take 3 rest days will now take 2 or how would you rate it?

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I would rate in more terms of that 3iu you are taking maybe closer to only actually 1iu. I would probably just keep on ramping it up until you really start noticing the neg sides like numb hands or extreme sleepiness. Those will hit you alot quicker than the GH offsetting DOMS. If you get numb hands off of 3iu and start experiencing that, then maybe the potency really hasn't deteriorated that much, or on flip side it has all dimerized and there is minimal IGF boost but all the neg sides Lol

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HAHAHA I'd be in bed for the whole day after that! Hey I've been speaking to someone who says that IGF-1 that you use is a stormer for putting muscle on.

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Man IDK. HGH I believe is fragile and goes bad fast but I’m no chemist

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This is the thing bud - I have had a scout around online and people are saying 1 to 2 years shelf life from it being made and then its time to bin it. I guess a lot of guys when they receive HGH use it pretty quickly.