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Hello I'm a 36 year old veteran with what I belive is low T. The VA doc says I'm fine my first test I took at noon and they made me retake it but it showed up at 219. I took it again at 8 in the am and it was at 349. What are your thoughts thanks.

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Hey man, welcome to this community.

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First off, the majority of VA doctors are med school failures, c- average hacks that largely don't know or care enough to look in to a problem. They're ultra conservative on treatment to the point of neglect. so first, I would go speak to a real doctor and if you ever have a medical emergency go to a hospital, not a VA.
Next go over your medical history to help isolate a possible cause. This is VERY common in vets but the actual reason still remains largely unknown, notable contributing factors are: TBIs (even from concussions), physical and mental stress, alcohol, depression, low vitamin D, etc. Get a full panel, check your vitamins and minerals.
If you're looking to TRT, don't make it a light decision. If you're looking to run a cycle, get healthy, run that cycle and the pct HEAVY. Sometimes the body needs a hard reset to get back on track. /not science

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Alot of doctors are scared to put people on testosterone unless you are like 60 years old. Your options are either go to a online trt doctor/clinic that's specializes in trt or the self medicated route. The online doctor won't be covered by insurance so it will cost a lot but it will be pharma stuff(if that matters to you), but there are a lot of very good brands/sellers here that are just as good as pharma products. If you are gonna do the self medicate route do some research and find a good source(read reviews and stuff). Goodluck my friend.

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One thing that is important to consider is that TRT is for life. In the beginning the improvements felt in so many arenas of your life can be phenomenal. But after putting that harpoon in your ass once or twice a week for a few years, many look for alternatives. There is no question that your blood tests are showing low numbers. I don't mean to dissuade or discourage you, but it truly is a commitment. One that can greatly improve your life, but it may also complicate it. I wish you the best my man.

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Honest advice is the best advice. I appreciate it

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Test will always be highest in the morning. Your doc should also be evaluating you based on symptoms and not just looking at a number as a be all and end all.

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Yea I knew it fluctuates if by the middle of the day it was below the "range" that doesn't seem right. I agree but seems like they dismissed the symptoms due to range

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^Absolutely agree with all this ^

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You have low T and a terrible doctor. The self medicated route is sometimes the best route. Do research in the forums if you decide to self medicate.

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That's what I was thinking.

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Hey !
I was diagnosed low T in my early 20s ! I tried everything to increase it naturally but I never got over 300ng/dl which is way to low !
Thinking back going on TRT was life changing for me !

My advice is that you try to get lifestyle perfect like exercise, sleep and body fat. If that doesn’t help then you may need to accept it and go the TRT route.
I needed to go with a private clinic since a GP didn’t want to put me on TRT because my levels were still in range but absolutely the end of it.
And ranges are just ranges not more not less. Every person is different but if you’re super active I doubt you will feel good on the bottom end of range.

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Wow I appreciate I can work on my lifestyle some but I'm leaning on getting a second opinion by docs then self after some thorough research.

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Welcome to the forum. I'm new here too, but I think there are some knowledgeable guys here who will help you.

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Testosterone fluctuates. Stress etc. Its not a set computer deal.

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That's right, by the way, when I had a prolonged stress in my life, my testosterone level fell to the bottom, I ate getting out of bed. As soon as he put his head in order and testosterone returned to the referents.

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Thanks for the insight.