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Looking to start first cycle


Hi everyone. I'm looking to finally get my first cycle in.

Currently 25 years old. 5'11" at 140lbs. Around 10% body fat.

I work out about 6 days a week and have a hard time gaining mass. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I agree with press You could be burning way more calories workingout then your taking in. Up your calories is a great start
Not sure why you got negged for asking a question before you even started gear

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You need more food, not steroids. You have 30lbs of easy muscle you can put on without any AAS. Then run a cycle. Steroids can't build muscle just be breathing air.


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Eat everything in sight. Make sure you're having a large breakfast everyday. If you're eating well enough you will be taking two shits in a day. That's my golden brown rule

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First of all cut your number of training days down, I know you are excited and eager to lift but only allowing yourself one day of rest per week is not enough to gain any proper mass as you can see with your stats. Its the rest days where you are cramming food down your throat that you gain weight even though they can seem boring and non productive sometimes. You need to be consuming loads of protein, carbs, fats to gain mass and unless you are running steroids you cannot gain a lot of muscle mass and keep bodyfat low at the same time, so do not worry when your bodyfat level rises. All you want to concern yourself with at this point is hitting the big compound exercises and getting big and strong. At your height you can easily get to 175 - 180lb's without going anywhere near steroids yet.

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Exactly to the point. 100%

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At you're age you should be able to achieve with just diet alone calories calories calories to gain mass in my opinion you should stay away from the gear at your age

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How is your diet and training?

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