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hi everyone outlaw muscle here


hi guys just wanted to introduce myself, been lifting since i was 15 now 32 , been at it for while, started bodybuilding at 21 built my physique and started competing when i was 25, have taken a small break 2 years exactly from competing kinda got burnt out, was told about eroids from a friend, i gotta say I've been back and just looking around for the last 2 months i wanna be part of the fan, the knowledge round here is really above the normality, also been on muscle gurus and rxmuscle, but they don't have the knowledge theres around here or the family vibe, looking forward to contributing to the family, gonna post some pics in a couple of days so i can get critiqued and looking to get bigger, stronger and faster and i think eroids is the place i can leave humanity ...

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Welcome. We sometimes bicker like family. Lol I’ve grown to enjoy this site. There’s no sugar coating but you generally get the truth.

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Interesting I was thinking Indian outlaw half Cherokee and Choctaw.

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Welcome! There’s tons of guys that contribute great things here, if you need any help just ask.

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Welcome, bro! We will wait for your pics, relying on them would be given good advice or bad lol

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Bonjour! Bienvenue!

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Welcome to eroids brotha

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