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Subq Primo


While I'm searching for an answer to this here and elsewhere, has anyone ever done a 12+ week cycle of primo with subq injections? Any complications? From what I've found so far is that if you're going subq, whether for trt or any oil, 0.3mL is the max you should ever put in at once per injection. Any information is greatly appreciated.

I've done subq for test before and had no issues, never checked bloods but I felt pretty much the exact same as when I did IM injections of test.
I'm planning to get some primo, it's dosed at 200mg/mL and if I wanted to do 400mg a week I'd have to split it into 57mg per injection (57mg/ED) which equates to 0.285 on a 1cc pin.

Would that be stupid? How would it differ from test, if at all, and since it's primo will I have bad pip?

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Subq a primo cycle is something a "fknretard" would consider. Frankly speaking injecting any anabolic steroid subq including test is fkn retarded. This will benefit someone in no way and is higher risk for infections. There's no androgen receptors under the skin or in fat. Deep intramuscular injection is always best, always was, always will be. For all the subq TRT guys save your pubmed article, I already read it and my views still are the same.

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Thank you everyone for the wisdom. I'll look into shallow IM as I'm sure that will be simple enough to do. I'm planning to jump on trt in the coming weeks and I'm doing my cycle probably in January. I'll document everything and make a new thread and remember to tag all of you and give weekly updates as I start with subq primo. This is for science of course.

Also I'd be doing 164 test and 300 primo a week. For test at 3x a week each injection is .18 and primo at 5x a week it comes out to .2 per injection. Pair these with HGH and anavar and I'm sure this 16-20 week cruise will be fun. And as I get blood work back, I'll adjust dosages and make sure I'm hitting stable blood levels. Ideally I'd like to stay on a low trt dose after this cycle and even during the cycle of if I can get away with it. But I'm hoping that 164mg of test cyp a week will put me at 1000-1200 total test.

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If you are going to run a primo cycle then run a proper cycle of it or you will likely be disappointed.

Run your cycle pinning IM. Trt is fine subq but not a cycle due to volume of oil.

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Sub q has its place and I stand by that but I prefer IM. I think small trt shots
sub q are good if one is on trt.

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to SubQ Primo because to see any good results from Primo you really need to pin at least 600 mil per week for about 16-20 weeks. If you decide to do it anyway at a lower dose, please update us at completion because I would love to be wrong about this.

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I've never heard of anyone using primo sub q, not saying that it can't be done. So why not IM using 400mg week?

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Can you imagine the welts you would have on your body from SubQing Primo at 400 per week? Fuck that idea, LOL!

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Noooo wayyyy! Not me. No sir lol

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I do shallow intra muscular trt injections daily with slin pins daily. No issues.

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I’ve tried Subq primo… multiple times, multiple labs and it always produced a welt and inflammation … especially at .30cc+ … I would personally avoid.

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As far as complications I am only aware of injection volume which shouldnt me more than 0.2-0.3 ml subq. But in terms of effects theres research indicating that subq is even superior to IM when it comes to stable blood levels and E2 levels when using testosterone for example. Since subq will release more slowly your levels will be more stable.

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from my experience. subq give similar or even more positive results than IM for TRT, BUTT, pinning .3ml of anything can cause a sterile abscess, the chances may be low but they're possible. I don't like to do more than 15-20iu subq with oil now. With primo you might have more bruising and more pip. The pip from primo, depending on how it's made, isn't really that bad. It's more of a dull ache but subq pip is worse. I would rather do shallow muscle pinning then subq for this but if you do it, let us know. there's not enough info on subq cycles, mainly because they're difficult to do at higher volumes.

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Never do subq,trt what dosage u using,u inject just shoulders? Thinking try trt with insulin pins 31G 0.5" o better 1"

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Have to try everything once so I can give advice on it. For TRT I found 13iu to be the mark for subq. No issues there, very steady levels but I do prefer shallow IM for these doses. Which I do use 1" 31g slin and usually hit around the VG, no scarring build up. For this I go EOD around 25iu of test e/c 250.

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