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Goals to reality. That's why we are all doing what we are doing. With all the recent drama, MODS & BFG taking care of business to keep our precious home safe, I wanted to take a minute to share how my goals are reaching nearer to reality. What used to seem like a long term goal is seeming within reach way sooner than I dreamed.
When I started reaseecing AAS about 15 months ago, I was 27yrs old, 6ft 222 lbs with 12% BF.
My 'long term goal' was 240lbs with sub 10%bf... Not to be a monster, walk the stage, or pose for playgirl; just to be pretty big and pretty lean.
With 2 cycles under my belt, my 2nd PCT about 4 weeks in my rearview mirror, I am maintaining 238lbs with 13% BF. I am happy with my progress so far, and my goal is seeming within reach , and time to possibly make a new harder to reach goal.
I want to keep learning, keep studying and keep doing SAFE and SIMPLE cycles!!!
Also, I want to thank lots of people on this board... Too many to name, but if you have a MOD tag, are name tread, or are friends with me, than you have helped me learn either by direct advice or by asking me to share my knowledge. I may not have been in the game that long, but I have been playing it right by research and learning from the OG's.
So in conclusion, I raise my glass of whey to all of you who have helped & TO MAKING GOALS REALITY!!! Salute

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A simple result is better than a complicated attempt.
Good work bro. Realistic goals achieved by a realistic plan.
16lbs of muscle you've kept! Excellent . . . great post to read!