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-1 Why the hostility towards new members?


I came here to educate myself on steroids but found myself in a toxic environment. What's up with these forums? I've been called a kunt, a faggot... Are there any mods? Smile

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but found myself in a toxic environment.

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Are there any mods?

No, we declared martial law 9 months ago when the Russian hackers traced our mods IP addresses and had them assassinated...that's when the nukes came. That's why we seem like A hostile people. We're just trying to survive this post apocalyptic world.

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Youve been ground zero of entertaining.


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I keep myself entertained. Others being entertained alongside me is A bonus. You should see what I do to scammers that get my phone number. If I have time I will fuck with them for hours. I had this strange message two days ago. "hi is this Chad? We were supposed to meet up for drinks and I couldn't make it. But I'm available now" I text no wrong number. THEN they sent "oh did I text some random man??? I'm so dumb?" Sends a picture of a fairly attractive girl in like A B porn star kind of way...so I realized it's a scam. I started going along. Then she sent me A topless pic...I found the grossest old man balls picture I could find on the internet...dude was bent over looking between his legs with ass spread...about 65 years old. She's like "that makes me so wet! What's your name and what do you want to do to me....I responded "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next...and I want to wear your skin....what's your address?"

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Similar catfishing story...

"Hey friend, do you remember when we met in LA?" [photo of a hot 20 something student]
[no reply from me]
A day later, "I lost my phone and just restored all my contacts. Seems you've forgotten me my friend"
My reply, "How could I forget? On our last date you puked in my car and had sex with my dog. We broke up remember?"

I unfortunately never got a reply back Sad

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Greg, when I gave this person the whole "maximus decimus meridius" thing they responded "wow, I love army men!". At that point I knew the caliber of person I was dealing with. This was A special breed of stupid. I wish I didn't delete the whole conversation. I wouldve posted it here. This person mentioned something about the pandemic and how crazy it is...I responded that I heard about 4 very real cases in California where people were infected with A hybrid strain and turned into zombies. They never missed A beat. Just kept going on about being horny and at one point I even said. "look, can we skip to the point? Can I just send you A bunch of money right now?" ...they then proceeded to tell me her and A friend were about to jump in the jacuzzi do I want to see A pic? I said yes. Sent a picture of some girl ... completely nude. Legs spread on bed. I said "where's the jacuzzi?"

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Winning!!!! Im so fkn dead lmao!!!! Yes!

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Listen to these guys, that will answer your question. But giving negative to people without any credit takes balls bro.. my advice- stay in your lane. Know when to open your mouth and when not to.

Honestly bro, everyone on here has had their hand slapped- take the hit, learn, and move on!

Best of luck bro

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Aw, here you go lil buddy: https://www.eroids.com/group/safe-space

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You just arrive and start negging a dozen comments with no braggable stats. Its the newspaper to the snout lil puppy. Read, learn and grow

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Did you read the rules?
Are you over 25?

Also everyone is on steroids here, so…

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There's a lot of ego and pride that's never been delt with running strong. Many great guys too though if you stick around. Not everyone gets their fix buy being a pos

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It’s ok you faggot looking cunt… just stick around and contribute .. you will soon get respect.. just don’t get all butt hurt , you will be fine

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Sometimes you just have to throw your balls on the table and get some respect. Just like any other situation in the world.. there’s a bit less tolerance with newbies.

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Pretty spot on. You just dont walk i to school and sit at the cool guys table. You earn your way spitting knowledge or doing our homework.