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+ 15 Flat, Fat (Pre-Prep)- Empty/AM


Yep, the BIG SHOW for me is 28weeks out but there are a couple of warm up shows I am looking at that are between 12-22 weeks out!

Sitting at a very lower than normal 217lbs (empty and upon waking in the attached pics) after 5 days off from training/eating. Last few weeks of getting life situated before hammer has to drop.

Normal offseason weight is usually between 225-235lbs and was sitting at 223lbs prior to 5 days off. Obviously thinking about 1lb of muscle and 4lbs of water with the down time.

This is my current "pre-prep" look and prep will likely start in a couple weeks once life settles down for me (finally) since I am interested in doing one of the August shows!

Obviously if I am looking show ready within that time (usually do 6-7weeks prep) we'll get a to do a test drive in, which also happens to be a pro-qualifier too. Added bonus.

Gear will be updated but using Q-tropin and will be adding Insubolic and/or TABOO back in, in a couple weeks along with food/training adjustments.

Strong chance of increasing weight while leaning down since I will be on a very regimented plan of action unlike my current (thank goodness for Q-tropin HGH) but at this point my only focus will be what "the mirror" is saying.

Pics won't be up for long and no need for Karma as I am posting mainly to keep myself accountable.


Just removed pics today. Appreciate all of your support and encouragement everyone

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Well done mate! As always looking impressive! Make sure to upload the comp photos!

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You bet!

Got some more bloodwork coming in (just to be sure everything is where it needs to be prior) and then I'll be able to plan which one I'll do before the big show at the end of the year.

Appreciate the kind words GrowMore

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Exotic you don’t have to reply to this, but I just wanna say I’ve read a lot of your stuff and comments on this site. I think your just a genuinely nice guy, you take the time to respond to everyone when you post something, your always VERY humble.
I’m glad to know you exotic! This will be the year for you!!

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Bmoney85...thanks brother!

I'm not perfect but do my best to be helpful on here by sharing my experiences and research over the decades. Literally learning something new in the industry every day!

As for responding. I'm just very humbled that so many on here are willing to give out positive vibes to ANYONE that is brave enough to throw up a pic or two.

No matter where we are at in our journey it can be difficult to want to post and be open to critique but I find it a great way to keep myself accountable. I do my best to post when I feel great, fully pumped and HUUUUGE and as you see in these pics, the exact opposite.

Very thankful to have found eroids as there are some great people here to get to know and some great sources as well that have EXCELLENT products to keep us all getting gains and veins!!!

Thanks again Bmoney for the positive vibe and post.

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Looking big bro.

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Thank you Big T!

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Looking like real PRO!

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Thank you sir...hoping once again, this year!

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Your huge dude. I can’t imagine what kind of work you have to put in to have it like that. +

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Thanks Bill.

Happy to be where I am at and looking to push a little more before it is time to recreate a 5.0 version.

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EXOTICNFIT respect bro ihope you get that procard you deserve it! hard work and dedication right here now go hunt your pro card and pro tag on here bro !!!

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Appreciate the warm comments and I will do my best should shows/travel be of no issue this year!

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It’s crazy that I can look at those and see what you mean by flat, but I’ve seen you full blown enough to know that you are indeed a little downsized and flat here. Excited to see your final look this year!

I’ll be dieting down as well, hovering around 250 at 12% and ready to bring this damn v taper back!

As always a big plus two from the Beard my friend

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You're going to look phenomenal!!!

The V will cometh.

Yes, flat as can be without being on an actual prep yet.

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Damn, You are the BIG SHOW! + Looking great at any age.

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Thank you sir.

Certainly getting a little tougher to stay leaner but we'll see how well things go this year!

So long as they don't cancel shows etc. I am happy to be competing this year.

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Solid af bro.. Im sure ur gonna kill it when prep time comes. It's not often we get a glance into a day in the life of a pro. Thanks for sharing brother.

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Appreciate the kind comments.

I am very hopeful that prep is good to me. LOL

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Thank you Shred...just doing my best to keep up with the young catz on here!

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Simply aweasome. Your build & knowledge & the way you take time out of your day to help us .. your really an amazing guy. Some of us are living the dream through you. I wish you the best of luck , keep motivated & driven and bring home the GOLD for us. Thanks for being one of the GOOD ONES

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Truly appreciate the positive vibes wanted. I have to admit the want to compete is there but the desire and HUNGER isn't quite where I want it yet.

Lots on the brain as of late but I am very thankful an amazing outlet like our board here to learn and share with all of you.

Certainly a great experience having you guys in my corner!


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I'm hoping to get either or back...I am a good 15-20+lbs lighter than normal and at this leanness.

If I get leaner and stay the same weight, I'll take it. LOL

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good luck

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TY sir!

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If God should will it, I would indeed be thankful yet careful.

Appreciate the good vibes.

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Damn exotic!! Your shoulders are AWESOME, I Love shoulders no homo!

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Thank you Bmoney.

Lots of work to do still.

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Not a lot of fat there brother .. if you really wanted to I’m sure you could get into condition within 6 weeks although that would be brutal and of course not preferable.

Slow and steady! Incredible physique and definitely a little
Jealous of that waist. My genetics there are trash I’m just blocky. But I’ll work with what I got. 16 weeks out from the big show for me.

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16 weeks till VICTORY for you!!!

As for the waist, I am hopeful that I will see it get super flat like it "should" get to but worse case scenario just keep building the shoulders. LOL.

I've preferred a short and shitty prep thus far but haven't ever gone past 7weeks so I guess we'll see how it goes.

Have to admit...not overly excited yet but I am hoping that will change as I get closer. At this moment its more "business/turn pro again" rather than having that desire to kick everyones ass...although that is apart of the agenda. =)

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I also prefer a short and shitty prep but for me that’s 10 weeks! Haven’t been at it long though so maybe the leaner I stay in the off season the easier that would be.

I don’t really get into the “excitement” mode until halfway through myself. Watching the body change daily is a hell of a lot of motivating factor for me. One day at a time!

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Thank you RH!