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+ 22 A very short test run


Certainly not my best condition ever but good enough for a win.

Test drove some new supplements, very short prep time and wanted to see a fuller look.

Yes, the lighting as usual is horrible but certainly not making excuses for my condition. There were some ultra peeled athletes there whos pics came out not much better than mine.

Weighed in 20lbs heavier than my previous show a couple years back. Looking forward to working my way slowly to 240+ and giving myself a fair prep later in 2020

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nice form broooooo. u did that with pharmacom gears ??

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Bro....beast!!! Chapeaux my friend!!

Owes a Review × 1
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Merci Mon ami!

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Amazing +1

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Thank you!!!

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huge brother +

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Thanks brother

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++ Very impressive indeed. You’ve put the effort in early on to build abs maintain that base and it goes to show what one can accomplish when you’ve done that! Showing the youngsters how to do it. Very well done indeed!

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Thank you Dacky!

It was a great little test run.

2020 should be pretty interesting Smile

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Ripped monster

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Thank you!

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+1 you friggin monster lol

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Awww shucks...Thank you!!!

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+3 big dog.... Impressive... I don’t even have to ask you like I do everyone else about the wheels. Rolling in like a Mac Truck...

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A bodybuilder requires, balance, symmetry, proportion, size, presentation and conditioning...just doing my best to keep the wheels while I can as they are the first to go and NOT return if you slack off when your past 40.

Appreciate Bulkdaddy.

...fucking calves though!!!

I swear even at 17+inch they look like twigs because they start/end so high up. Gonna have to get them to 19" and maybe they'll look decent. LMAO

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Lmao I have the same problems... I hit calves every other day and they’re still small to me.

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Well done in such a short time +1

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Thank you Ragerracing.

Looking forward to a 6-7week prep in 2020 while actually doing everything possible to get lean.

Was a great experiment none the less.

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Ok if we’re ever at the beach and we see eachother you gotta stand on the other side. I can’t have you making me look puny. +1

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If we're at the beach and spot each other we'll have to do the "bro nod" as we pass by.

Plenty of room at the beach for both of us Smile

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Thank you Pcushion!

PCOM is indeed, in the house.

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My man, looking straight beast mode!

Shoot me a pm or drop into the adv about these new supplements. I want some. Biggrin

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...nothing we all haven't chatted about in ADV however first time for me using.

I really ensured the experiment was as tough as possible to see how I would respond solely on those supplements.

No Cardio
Only 4.5weeks
Only 1 training session/day
Took approximately 7 days off during that prep time as needed
Admittedly has at least 1-2 cheat meals a week

Now I know how well it ought to work with a real prep!

We'll chat soon

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Damn big dog

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Getting there. Smile

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Nice job brother

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Thank you Gman

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Huge. Pcom getting results. +2

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PCOM is my NUMBER 1 Choice for AAS.

If I were to ever accept a Full Sponsorship (work booths at shows and compete if possible) it would be them.

They were great sponsors for the EBC and regardless have always been fantastic with Customer Service and the Pharm-Quality gear is unmatched!!!

I'm hopeful this little redemption Contest using there product makes up for the EBC result.

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Awesome dude

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Thank you Dudeman

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Bloody Hell man - Awesome!

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Appreciate it Press1

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Just huge!!

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Thanks Rusty.

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Crazy dimension great job

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Slowly getting where I want.

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Thank you Mr. Sam I AM

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You have alot to work on lol. Yeah right!! Looking like a straight Bull. Crazy ripped and your six pack has a six pack wtf. You make me never want to eat cake again.

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Dude....you said the C-word!


Thank you but seriously I certainly need longer than 4.5weeks from a fluffy grow season.

I'll stick to my usual 5.5-6weeks minimum unless I stay leaner in grow season.

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Looking great for a short prep time! Congrats! Is this NPC?