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+ 32 Little Pump While Traveling


A few weeks ago while traveling hit one of my fav gyms.

Left knee seems to be feeling better and looking forward to growing the wheels once again after some layoff.

The EBC seems like a great way to get back into shape and potentially more rewarding than most shows have to offer....guess we'll have to see.

yes, I still rock a fanny pack when wearing sweats/track pants

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Its amazing how one can look in late January....and weeks later look completely different.

Regarding EBC:

My before pictures are going to look like "wtf happened to him"...have to admit I got lucky/unlucky to get stomach virus two weeks ago that wiped me out for 5days straight. Couldn't keep any food down (lucky to stay hydrated and electrolytes up) and obviously no training.

I was a little pissed but realized "may as well go with it for another 3 weeks" and just let my body rest as much as possible from the rigors of eating high calories and training.

This has been quite challenging for me since even during normal breaks I still train a few times a week and eat decent

Week 3, I may get 3 "quick pump sessions" to let blood flow for 20mins but I have dropped my calories drastically and within that eat whatever I currently desire/feel like.

Next week...the same through till the 9th.

Having a strong ECTOMORPH origin it is amazing that even as I moved up closer to Mesomorph how quickly my weight drops and muscles atrophy.

219lbs huge and full and around 209 and dropping looking so soft (little belly fat creeping up which is unnerving) I almost don't recognize the dude in the mirror...last time I looked like this was years ago after months off after accident.

I am COMMITTED to the EBC contest and it is great to see the criteria Makwa has modified to make it fair for everyone in the mix.

If my mental game can continue to allow me to basically slack off for another week and half and eating my krispy kreme and Big Macs in lieu of good food and training I am going to have a very good transformation.

Some times the best plan of action is putting things on pause.

This added recovery to my body from training and very low calories (about 2/5th of my normal amount) should have my body primed and ready to go full throttle.

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Some people just have it.
You have it.
Nice work big man, motivational!!!!

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Really appreciate the encouragement!

Thank you Giardap.

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Damnnnnn bro! All I can say is respect in spades!

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Seeing all these young guns in here one has to keep on their toes brother Dacky!

Be blessed.

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freakish ++

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Appreciated alekaras.

I'd say you are weighing in on the freakzone...260lbs?!?

Great work man.

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thanks brother:) you know how it goes we never have enough..we always think we're small Smile

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The journey doesn't end for size until we decide to pick a new course.

We will always be our worst critic.

No elite or pro athlete in any sport every wants to be average...obsession to be the best is a requirement.

Stay healthy.

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you are 100% correct brother obsessed (dedicated) you too buddy Smile

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Yeah that’s more than a little pump hahaha looking swole man! +1

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Must be the camera angle. LOL

Appreciate the kind words!

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Great work exoticnfit! I love the fanny pack. I have them too but my wife won’t let me wear them

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Hear ya Growthman!

90% of my daily life it's a go...the other 10% is a no go.

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Truly appreciated HeavymetalmonsterD

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Sh*t, you’re huge man, are you going for a pro card??
I would give you +10 if I could lol + from me

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Thank you for the kind words dextetherdog!

I would like to turn pro in one of two federations but it is certainly all about being able to mentally commit to it.

As I get older other priorities come forward unlike when I was younger but eventually (be it this year or when I turn 50) I'll get the whisper that it is OK to make it a reality again.

God's timing has always been perfect for me (not necessarily how fast I would like it) so in the mean time I just carve away and lay in weight. A SLEEPER!!!

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Huger than huge biger than life pumped to oblivion and beyond !!’

Here you can see not 3d but 6d hahahha

My brother crazy size and pump and condition in check ALWAYS !!!

True bodybuilder that walks the walk day in day out

Fucking machine brother !!

You know i love you



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Brother Dope...love and respect to you as always!

You know how it is, always something to improve and never 100%. We chase perfection knowing we will always fall short...but we do it anyway.

Appreciate the words of encouragement from a spectacular physique like yours!

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Damn bro. Still crazy to me that you can carry so much size and still have a six pack.
Big plus two from the Beard.

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Mighty Bearded_Muscle!

Over time the "weight becomes you" but man does it take forever. LOL.

I would love to see the scale say 230-240lbs and hold it long enough to see it become the new norm but I have to admit that I've always preferred to have little ab's showing so I knew I was looking decent.

Thank you for the kind words.

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You're swole brother! Living proof hard work pays off +1

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Doing my best to keep up with all the young guns on here Soulja!!!

Thank you sir.

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Pinche Scott Steiner in his prime right here!! Big Poppa Pump!

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Hahahah...Big Poppa Pump was one who's physique I admired in the wrestling world.

Huge as a house and lean as mofo.

Only thing I have matching him is the grey in my beard. LOL.

Thank you and Makwa for bringing back the EBC!!!

Not certain I'll throw my hat in but definitely waiting to see how the judging structure might be and go from there.

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Protect my anonymity.

I rarely post pics of me in general much less in places I frequent.

Have no way of knowing who is on this amazing platform that I may know as I do not ever discuss it with anyone.

However, if someone I knew was on here and believed they recognized my physique...the fanny pack would seal the deal to confirm.

I respect peoples privacy and expect the same.

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I never understood why they call it a fanny pack. Isn’t a fanny your butt? You should call it a headdress for your dick! Or a dickpack? I dunno but we should rename it to be more masculine.

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Fanny in the UK is a vagina, always makes laughs. Should call it a pussy pouch. But that's as far away from masculine as possible lol.

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Yeah that’s probably not going to sit well with big poppa pump

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I've usually called it a Hip-pack...sits on your hips!

All in favor for "dick-pack" say Ay!


I'll have to use that when someone makes a wise crack about it. "It's my DICK-pack" is likely to stop that convo in its tracks

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Bro you should just give them the People’s eyebrow and say “Wtf did you say!” Bet they’d pucker up and tell you how much they like it =)

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IT DOESN'T MATTER what you got to say! LOL.

I'll remember to take my left foot, than my right foot and stick it up their candy asses.

Can youuuuu saaaamellllllll, what my DICK-pack...is cookin!

Yeah, may have to work on that last part a little

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Huge! You look like some doorways you would have to turn sideways ! ++

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Thank you daksmack!

Oddly enough a couple doorways have caused me to do a little side shuffle but I still need to grow these boulders into mountains before it is a commonality. LMAO

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Dont think anyones got the balls to give you shit about wearing the fanny pack. Beast!

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Just because they don't say much to my face you can be rest assured I know a few that have ;)

I don't mind. It's been a couple decades since I stopped worrying about what others think or have to say about me.

Besides, all is fair when training in "the glorious house of gains" LMAO.

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+1 . Very good

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Thank you Slowly.

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Straight up jacked, great work, keep crushing it! +

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Life long commitment.

Thank you swole

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Ding ding we have a winner..

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Ohhhh snap!

Is the prize doughnuts?

I'll take a dozen glaze and another of the double chocolate glaze please!!!

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I think it's close to 20k.
It would be foolish if you didnt enter the ebc.

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It's nearing 30K now.

I truly appreciate the friendly competition that brings our community closer together and have to admit this EBC (the first I've been around for) certainly looks appealing and with a top 10 payout quite a few outstanding competitors will have a chance.

I understand they are still finishing up how the judging will be formatted and it will likely favor the large majority of our community on here.

Once that is completed I can better decide if what I would bring to the judges table will be what they will be looking to reward.

Regardless, I will be doing my best to encourage all those that enter!!!

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Just pig out till it starts. Make a belly when you take an flattering picture.
Then start your diet...go treat yourself to a couple sundaes at DQ...

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If I told you what I eat I would have to do the walk of shame right after. LOL

I'm giving my body a slight break for a week (I have serious sweet tooth and love burgers, pizza) and than I will get back at it.

FYI...blizzards are all the rage at DQ ;)