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Yes...the lighting was shitty and so is my camera phone so I DID reduce some of that lighting issue and clarity.

Now it looks a little like what I saw in the mirror vs "wtf" on the phone. Seriously...why does the mirror always look way better. LOL

I really need to get a new phone and I'll be sure to use same venue for shots and lighting/clarity adjustment for future photos for consistency.

Anyway, not bad for nearing mid 40's and THANK YOU to Qtropin and Insubolic from RS!!!

As always, yes I am still using Pcom from basic as well and at reduced amounts due to higher Qtropin and Insubolic from RS.

I am eating around 2900-3200cals/day (so yeah, about 2K+ less than normal for this time of year) but I am eating several sloppy meals a week because I can. LOL

Won't keep this up long and no karma needed...just updating what some of us OLD SCHOOL dudes are still able to do.

Blood work was excellent minus cholesterol/lipid profile which is being taken care of now.

Stay healthy GET JACKED for summer and as always, Train for Purpose!

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Final pic removed today.

Truly appreciate the kind and thoughtful words from all of you!!!

This SPORT is the most extreme we will ever "know about" and one that has many casualties, few legends and many wannabees. A splash of "covert freaks" who simply seek to WAR with the IRON and in time earn the respect of the Iron as is given by the Freak who bravely says "lets make WAR" with a smile.

Be blessed, be safe, be healthy and as always, Train for Purpose!!!

Train for Purpose is to train for YOUR purpose be it strength, sanity, challenge or the impossible dream of crafting perfection before you and the Iron part ways

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Really appreciate the kind words everyone and I always do my best to respond to each post.

Just removed 2 of the pics and likely the last one soon as well. Be back on later to thank you all for the support once again.

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You need a wide angle lens to fit you all in! Always making progress and keeping it real. Insane waist to shoulder ratio. You definitely would be deserving of an eroid’s protag not only for your physique but also your attitude, in my humble opinion.

Would you mind sharing how you addressed your cholesterol/lipids?

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Thank you GrowMore...just looking to keep "the experiment" going for as long as I can while staying healthier every year in! Learned so much more over the past decade then the previous and much more on what works for me in how to grow in the past 3.5yrs that what was achieved in the previous 10+.

I'm not sure how all the tag stuff works on here and certainly a long way from hitting levels prior I am sure but I do my best to share as much as learn for the sake of the future freaks!!!

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Last 2 years alone I learned more about what it take for me to grow and improve than I have in the whole 10 years training.. it’s exciting and gives a great sense of achievement. Well done mate

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crazy man

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Thank you!

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LOL...doubtful of both as I'm sitting around 20/20.5" respectively but if I ever get the 22's I'll hold ya to it.

Actually did see a mid 20something guy training with his girlfriend who just looked at me and shook his head...definitely have arms bigger than his legs. I say nothing, just smile and nod.

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JESUS! Look bad ass bro!! Here’s a +1 you don’t even need hahaha

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You look amazing brother!!
Keep it up !

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Appreciate Supe! Like to keep it up for another decade or so.

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Brother Shred, thank you for the kind words.

Still grinding (smarter of course) and the iron and I have an equal amount of respect for each other by this point.

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Inspirational....as I am right behind you in age. +1

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Sounds like it is your turn to get it done sir!!!

Look forward to seeing some pics of ya soon on here.

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Bro you can’t give a + yet

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It's the thought that counts!

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Agreed. LOL

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Your right, I tht he might wanna know lol!

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Get'r done brother!!!

Some attempt to rush the process into years that often takes decades. Just doing my best to stretch out into more decades!!!

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Jacked! Good job! +

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Thank you Diesel-1!!!

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Nice dedication there bro.

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Appreciate that Goose!

If you wanna be a Maverick, sometimes you got to take that need for speed and slow it down to make it through the decades. God willing I have another decade of solid training and then we can scale things down. LOL

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My man, who’d you have to bribe to get past the desk at planet fitness?

Looking tighter from my assessment. Tell me if I’m wrong but your vascularity seems to be more pronounced. Is that from the addition of an ai and just subsequent subq water drop?

Always a big plus two from the Beard my friend

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Its all about "personality sir" and of course ensuring you walk in with a big sweater and...nah, the ones out here actually have some really fit people in them in comparison to what the business model prefers.

I do believe having a big smile and connecting with the staff (been doing that with several of the clubs for about 7yrs) is what lets you wear a stringer-T while training. LOL.

The AI has been a couple week along with water drop and honestly, I've always been hyper responsive to any change in gear/training/calories so this didn't take me by surprise. Just trying to figure out if I need to continue tightening up or hold and fill out for a bit.

Caloric intake drop did play a role as well.

Appreciate the positive comment brother!

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Mucho appreciato brother!

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A big thank you Rusty-H!!!

Enjoying the last phase of Super-Sized with Cuts...at some point I'll need to design an epic bodyofWAR. My training will be unique and I'll get down to around 205lbs but diced.

Mean time, MASS it is =)

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You really left humanity bro insane physSICK respect +

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Not my best but perhaps I can get there this year!

Appreciate the fantastic comment bundlz.

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If u dont mind would love to talk about the gh and igf1 u have utilized in ur regime only if u have time I'm in my 40s now considering options many thanks.

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Looks like your almost in your 40's unless you forgot to update. LOL.

Either way brother open to chat about. Long story short.

at 400mcg/day (twice a week on 500mcg) of INSUBOLIC IGF-1 and 10iu/day of Qtropin from RS.

Aside from reduced calories I am also now taking an AI so water weight of about 7lbs has dropped along with a few lbs of fat as of recent.

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I don't tell the complete story on most things bro lol, much appreciated FR sent.

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Damn Exotic bringing it. ++

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Thank you sir. Just doing my best to keep up with the young catz.

Now that I've been back on track I really need to figure out whether to hold bodyfat here and just grow and fill out or cut done some more bodyfat and see how things go.

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U remind me of a villain in the movie cyborg great show and u have a great physique bro, keep inspiring us brother. +1

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Looking swole brother +

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Smaller than usual but still getting it done sir. Thank you.

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Solid size mate +

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Appreciate it!

Keep battling back and forth on hanging around 240 and super jacked or staying under 220 and be lean and mean. Meanwhile...225ish it is. LOL

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Damn bro you look beastly!

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IF you can' be a beauty...may as well be beastly. LOL


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Ahh lol you beat me to it your truely a Beast body hair and and all. Looking dense and vascular hell yeah.