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Intermediate Cycles

A complete guide to intermediate cycles: featuring advice, critiques and layouts suited towards your individual goals.
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Group admin and moderators needed
BFG Jul, 2021
This group needs an admin and moderators to accept new membe...
BFG, 1 year 8 months ago 0
open discussion on SHORT CYCLES (BLAST cycling included)
Mars Apr, 2013
* perhaps this would pertain to more advanced cycles as the...
j223, 9 years 11 months ago 4
Timing my labs
Odin's Son Mar, 2013
I wrote a forum topic that no one has responded to so I am w...
Mars, 9 years 11 months ago 3
a stack to contemplate
Mars Mar, 2013
I'm wanting to open a dialogue on how specific compounds (sh...
Mars, 9 years 12 months ago 2
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  • Short ester cycle plan
    Odin's Son Mar, 2013
    Hey Fellas, I am planning for my next cycle coming up in ab...
    Odin's Son, 10 years 5 days ago 14
    Cycle: Test + Deca bulking cycle
    j223 Mar, 2013
    **Introduction** Okay here is a cycle I wanted to add here,...
    humpnpump, 10 years 2 days ago 3
    Cycle: Sustanon, NPP, Winstrol (Cutter)
    P Feb, 2013
    **Introduction** This Sustanon, NPP and Winstrol cycle is a...
    humpnpump, 10 years 1 month ago 7
    On cycle supports and dosages for intermediate cycles
    Cheatnnature Feb, 2013
    What's up fellas! I would like to post up the on cycle suppo...
    Cheatnnature, 9 years 12 months ago 20
    Prolactin shut down during PCT and post cycle.
    humpnpump Feb, 2013
    I've seen alot of treads during my 1 yr stint on eroids abou...
    humpnpump, 10 years 1 month ago 10
    How to control prolactin
    j223 Feb, 2013
    Alright here is a post I wrote up a while ago, I wanted to a...
    Mars, 10 years 2 days ago 7
    Bulk cycle
    Cheatnnature Feb, 2013
    Ok fellas this is going to be my bulk cycle for the next cou...
    Roid Noid, 10 years 1 month ago 40
    Step-by-step Injection Guide: Pecs (Intermediate Injection Sites)
    P Jan, 2013
    ###***Introduction*** Injections can be stressful for som...
    Catalyst, 10 years 1 month ago 19
    Cycle: 1-Testosterone Cypionate (Trial Run)
    P Jan, 2013
    **1-Testosterone Cypionate: A Full Review - Is It For You?**...
    P, 10 years 1 month ago 27
    Cycle: EQ (2 weeks front-loaded)
    P Jan, 2013
    This is another one of my crazy ideas that are floating arou...
    Doss, 10 years 4 days ago 28
    Anything Goes: Off Topic Discussion
    P Jan, 2013
    Anything goes in this thread (as long as its ***clean***)...
    gatorbits, 10 years 1 week ago 14
    Group Discussion
    P Jan, 2013
    We welcome all of your requests and ideas in this one thread...
    Cheatnnature, 10 years 1 month ago 36
    Introduction into Intermediate Cycles
    P Jan, 2013
    **Introduction** This group will provide a section where al...
    P, 9 years 11 months ago 0
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