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Preparing for knee replacement


Hi- I’m new here, however I have spent some time reading and learning from everyone here.
I am on trt 55, 6’ 200. Have limited experience with aas’s from my younger years.
Looking for advice on a cycle, currently taking.25 ml t eod, 250iu hcg eod, 100mg deca w, 50mg proviron ed, I eat very healthy and I’m in good shape, although I have a unique issue that has blindsided me.
At 19 a guy ran a red light I t-boned him at 60, blew up the head of my femur, several surgeries later it was patched back together. I have lived with pain ever since, however recently it has been more constant and severe.
Had a visit with an ortho doc today and results from mri say bone on bone. So I’m planning on having knee replacement in 6-8 months and would like to put on as much muscle/mass as I can in preparation for this surgery.
As I said I have limited experience with cycles and things have advanced so much in the past 20 years that I wanted to ask for some advice from guys who have the knowledge and experience. So I appreciate your help and responses.

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Hey buddy,
First of all , as Rusty mentioned: 25 ml t eod, 250iu hcg eod, 100mg deca w, 50mg proviron ed - thats full on cycle, hats not TRT. Ad you dont need any of the prior to surgery.

I had a similar story with both broken knees - and what you want is to shed some fat off and slightly reduce your size to put less pressure on joints after surgery.

At this point you should concentrate more on the health side than on "growing" - but this is not a primary school forum. And while taking what you are taking - you should know cons and pros of stuff.

That being said - try to get most of the forum and best of luck

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What makes you think putting on more mass, more weight on the knee, and having higher blood pressure is going to make the doctors job easier and your recovery better?

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I asked for some advice and I suppose we got off on the wrong foot, I didn’t come here to argue and realize that maybe I was out of line in my earlier comment, so I apologize for that. Please delete my account- no hard feelings!

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I believe that when the Orth-doc put it back together he was unsure if I was going to live- lost a lot of blood 17 blood transfusions 90 days in the hospital 11 broken ribs other leg was broken in 3 places with another bone exit however those breaks were rather clean in comparison not near any joints, so he put it back together best he could or it was so fragmented that the results are what they are, regardless these are the facts, I take offense to you questioning my integrity, some may not but I do. So what else you got?

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I started out on trt w primary care dr, moved to a trt clinic, and recently started self prescribing, why pay triple it’s not that difficult to figure out. As for the knee- I bet you don’t have first hand experience with living with a knee that was destroyed and patched bk together over 30 years ago, but if you did you would have a better understanding of what that’s like- so BS ? The head of my femur fragmented on impact the intact upper portion of the bone exited thru the quad, these things combined caused severe trauma and the end result is a bone deformity of the femur and a serious bow in the leg causing uneven wear on the inner portion of the joint. Nothing extraordinarily hard to understand, I’m not a doc but once you arrive at bone on bone, I can tell you from first hand experience the pain is much more constant and it flat hurts like hell. Not sure about where you are coming from with the guessing game comment but those are the facts, as for the cycle as you call it- from my reading on cycles in comparison it seems that I’m on a cruise and mod-low dose. My whole intention was to boost muscle mass as much as possible bc this will not be a typical knee replacement and I will likely be down for 4-5 months.
Nothing more nothing less.