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I grabbed these few paragraphs from an article I read online and thought I would share.

Streamlining the TRT and hCG Protocol

To simplify the process, I have designed a protocol involving only two injections per week, with both hCG and testosterone combined in the same syringe.

For this, you'll need a small, 27-gauge half-inch insulin syringe which is available online without prescription. You also need alcohol swabs to clean the vials and your skin.

Preparing Your Injection

Firstly, prepare your testosterone cypionate or enanthate injection. These usually contain 200mg per ml, with a total of 10ml per vial. Depending on the severity of your low testosterone, you may require anywhere between 100 to 250mg per week. I personally use 100mg per week, split over two injections.

Next, prepare your hCG injection. hCG usually comes in a vial of 11,000 units in powder form, with accompanying bacteriostatic water. Each ml of your prepared solution will contain 2,000 units of hCG. I recommend injecting 500 units twice a week.

I found this article interesting due to the fact that the Dr here recommended mixing the HCG and Test together. That in itself was interesting to me bc I had never heard of anyone doing that, but I also wonder where to inject? I thought Hcg was to be injected into the stomach? I just wanted to get everyone’s opinions on where to inject, and if mixing is something that you guys do with your test/hcg..

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Depends where I am. If I'm in a public/family setting I tend to pin as fast as possible. If I have the time/privacy, I'll strategically pin the shit out of my whole body.

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I mix certain things, like vit b-12 and l-Carnitine and test all in one. Or all my oils when I’m on cycle. I’ve mixed water based and oil based but never have done subq mixed with something that’s IM so idk about that. This guy said he’s only doing 50mg of test so he could probably do that subq if you really wanted to

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Subq, yes you can do stomach if you like it there and but not if you mixing it with test unless you are doing super low dose daily injections. Normally its 5000iu per vial. 500iu twice a week during cycle is common, I am currently doing it. You will need higher dose for PCT. Personally I just take the extra pin holes, rather then mix it. But whatever is working for you.

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