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I'm an early riser, think 4:30ish. And as an early riser I train early as well. I have never been one to workout on an empty stomach. It makes me miserable and weak. Over the years I have tried many different pre-workout snacks and meals. The latest incarnation is a simple recipe that I found online. I thought I would share it here with everyone and get your input and maybe some suggestions on how to make it better. And please, drop what you like to eat before training. I am always looking for new ideas.
So this is just a basic overnight oats recipe. No world shattering revelations here.
I use 1/2 cup protein oats, they just have whey and pea proteins mixed in. I add just under 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk. You could use whatever you like really. Just have to soak the oats. 2 very large tablespoons of vanilla Greek yogurt. Again use your favorite type. A dash of vanilla extract and a dash of salt. Cover it and put in the fridge. It is ready for me in the morning before I head out. I like to add berries to mine and when I want a bit of crunch I use granola. According to my Dr I have celiac disease and am not supposed to eat gluten so I use gluten free granaola which I found to really enjoy.
Anyway I thought that I would share this. It works well to get me through my workouts.
Let me know what you would do differently, and what do you eat pre-workout?


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If you work out early and soon after waking up you want something fast digesting that won’t lie in your stomach when working out.
My go to is cream of rice, with added whey and a small amount of fat to make it absorb a bit slower since you also don’t want super fast rising of insulin levels otherwise you will go hypo when working out. So add like 10-20g of a nut butter or dark chocolate which has many benefits on its own 85% cacao +.

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I had the same choice but i prefer white eggs and whole for fat
I don’t like si much protein powder. Add some salt for thé pré train and a lot of water. It is important too

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8 egg whites… 3 packets of grits…. bacon… patty sausage… 2 bagels with jelly on them…

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Not an early riser so easy digest food isn't really such a priority. I have two go to breakfasts. I eat two packets of grits with three fried eggs mix in and two pieces of whole wheat toast with butter. Second one is half a cup of oatmeal with milk, collagen protein and whey protein, brown sugar, honey and cinnamon. About an hour and a half before I go to the gym two scoops of protein powder with 2% milk and three heaping tablespoons of yogurt. Never get tired of it.

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I usually just have a 2 scoop protein shake and some fruit like a banana and berries whatever I have at the time. I find that's enough food that I feel energized but not enough that I'm weighed down. Protein before my workout seems to fuel my workouts a lot better than post workout. I also don't workout immediately after eating it. A lot of people don't realize how much energy it takes to digest something. So I like to have nutrients without being in the process of digesting.

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That does sound good! I liked cooking the granola with the oats so it was still lil crunchy but less than normal. Coffee whey. Boom

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My breakfast is always the same and somehow I never ever get sick of it even after years of the same thing - Baked potato covered in cheese and Jalapenos together with Southerrn fried/Hot & Spicy coated chicken breast!! Lol Then a side of Mayo and some Peri mayonnaise. I'll have another carb based meal after that about an hour later then train.

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PRESS gets a +1 for being able to eat that for breakfast!!

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Whenever I try change it I just end up reverting back to the same thing Lol Mate you should of seen what happened when the supermarket tried changing the coating on it - I wrote a letter of complaint to them and went ape shit! Threatened to quit buying all my food from there unless they sorted it out and believe it or not 3 months later they changed it back to the original coating again!!! Lmao Plus they sent me a £10 voucher for how upset I was.

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HAHAHAHAHA….that is great! Good on ya!!

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LMAO! I probably wouldn't get tired of a breakfast like that either. My asshole might get a little tired, but not my soul lol.

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HAhaha My insides have got use to it nowadays but once upon a time I would of had squitters 30 mins after that lot Lmao

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Training time seems to play such a huge part in what one eats pre-workout in addition to how one performs in the gym. For example, I use to workout at 0430. There was no way I could take any stims that early in the morning without feeling like I was gonna die, nor could I eat sufficient enough to push heavy weights. This in turn, for me anyways, influenced the type of training I could do, leaning more towards CrossFit type workouts as appose to bodybuilding.

Now I train at around noon, and found that taking my pre-workout supps (I don't take actual "pre-workout") about 2 hours before training and having a pre-workout meal about an hour and a half before training works best for me. I also fast before my pre-workout meal. The only thing I do before then is a low dose ECA stack first thing in the morning which essentially acts as my morning coffee, just without the calories (I absolutely despise black coffee so this works better for me than adding a ton of creamer). My pre-workout meal is as follows.

1 serving quaker oats (instant banana nut protein pack)
1/2 serving skim milk (mixed into oats)
1 scoop whey (mixed into oats)
1 Tbsp Peanut butter (mixed into oats)
1000mgs Potassium & 500mgs Sodium (mixed into 240z of water)

One thing that was a game changer for me was making sure to keep my electrolytes up during training. As my level of fitness increased so did the intensity of my workouts. I started finding myself getting lightheaded in the middle of my workouts even though I was staying hydrated. I learned that I'm what they call a "salty sweater", and lose a lot of electrolytes during training. To fix this, I started mixing 1500mgs of potassium and 750mgs of sodium into 1L of water which I drink throughout my training session and I've never felt crappy in the gym again. The sodium also helps with increasing your pump.

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Smart move! Keeps that sodium-potassium pump working optimal for your heart!

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I still like the cream of rice that most bodybuilder eat pre workout cream of rice & protein poweder & honey
Or 5 rice cakes drizzled with honey and sea salt

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I still miss ya man

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120 grams of rice krispies 40 grams protein powder 20 gram dark choclate 80 grams blueberry's mixed in almond milk and 2 cups of coffee breakfast no pwo meal pwo meal 2 rice waffles with 40. Gram peanut butter

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I work out about 5:30am but can’t eat that early. No appetite and feel like it makes me sluggish. 3-4 cups of coffee and I am off. Can’t eat breakfast before 8am at the earliest.

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I used to be the same way. Would rarely eat early but I would pound a few cups of coffee before heading out. Seems to be the older I get, I need a little something to maintain me through my workout. But the oats sometimes are a bit much.

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Simple plan…eat an apple. Perfect mix of short and medium digesting carbs to wake you up and keep you going through your workouts! An apple works more efficiently at waking you up in the morning and ensuring that you stay awake and don’t crash after. Give it a try

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I go to the gym at 7am 5 days a week. I wake up at 5am and make 3 eggs, 1 piece of toast, a bowl of oatmeal, and have it with a protein shake. I bring a gatorade with a scoop of bcaa’s and creatine in it to the gym. Been doing this for years and seems to work.

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Sooo much sugar in Gatorade though…

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This made me think of an oatmeal recipe I've been using for years.

1 cup oats
6 cracked eggs
2 cup milk
6 tbsp peanut butter
vanilla extract
2 bananas

Cook the oats until they starch comes to the top, Crack eggs into mixture and add all other ingredients, stir well and remove to containers.

Obviously it's not exactly for a calorie restricted diet. If it's done right it comes out with a custard like consistency.

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Damn! This sounds pretty damn good, going to have to give it a try!

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Interesting. I would never have thought to cook the eggs right into the same pot as the oats. I'll give it a try and let you know what I think. Thanks!

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I use the same preworkout drink that you use but I put 1 scoop of maltodextrin in it
About how many hours do you consume shake preworkout?

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Right before I head to the gym

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Damn probably still sitting in your stomach at gym lol

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I would just mix up a couple scoops of some cyclic dextrin or vitargo with a couple scoops of clear isolate and some creatine and drink on the way to the gym. You want something fast acting that won't bloat you if going to work out right away. Then eat your oats or a big breakfast when you get back from the gym.

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I like it. Quick and simple, except I had to look up what Vitargo is. I'll give this a go and save my oats for when I'm done.

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VITARGO is GREAT!!! I will use it post workout with my HGH, insulin, and protein shake!! Shuttles that recovery right into the muscle!!