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Diet critique


Hey all im a first time poster and fairly new to the forums general. I’m a 37 year old 6’-4” 229 lb male trying to lose weight and have been for a little over a year the first 30lb came off over about 12 weeks but since then it’s just not coming off as quick as I had hoped (.5 - 2lbs a week). I’ve been meal prepping, calorie counting, lifting heavy and at least 20min cardio 4x a week I can definitely see changes and even a little definition but still technically obese. Any recommendations?

Never used gear but have an appointment at a TRT clinic to get tested in two days. If I get on a TRT dose will I need to eat more/less.

My regular meals are
Breakfast: 472 calories, 25.9g carbs, 25.8g fat, 34.1g protein
44oz coffee black
4 hard boiled eggs
1 string cheese
2 mandarin oranges

Lunch: 695 calories, 33.1g carbs, 20.8g fat, 86.1g protein
Chicken sandwhich(2 slices wheat bread, 7oz chicken)
1 cup 4% cottage cheese

Dinner: 469 calories, 2g carbs, 11.3g fat, 83.8g protein
7oz grilled chicken
1 scoop iso 100 & creatinine shake

My snacks will vary but the meals are pretty consistent the muffin is uncommon but we have “treats” brought in at work once a week and I occasionally indulge
1/2 blueberry muffin
16oz constellation tomatoes