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+ 21 How To Reconstitute hCG Peptide (Step-by-step guide w/Pictures!)


How To Reconstitute hCG (Step-by-step guide w/Pictures!)

hCG is a peptide which is bought in powdered form. In order to inject this compound, it must be reconstituted through the use of either sterile water or bacteriostatic water. Both are acceptable re-constitutional ingredients, however the use of sterile water will see the hCG degrade at a faster rate than bacteriostatic water.

Assuming your vial of hCG is vacuum sealed (as many are), when you reconstitutie the hCG, withdraw your sterile water/bacteriostatic water then firmly hold the plunger of the syringe as you insert it through the stopper of the hCG vial. Don't let it suck the water from your pin. Turn the vial at a slight angle and slowly drip water down the side of the vial being sure not to shoot water directly at the powder. Your hCG should melt, if it fizzes up you've possibly just damaged the hormone. Do not shake the hCG, instead lightly swirl it and store it in a fridge and use for upto 30-40 days

1 x hCG Vial
Sterile Water or Bacteriostatic Water
1 x 1ml 29g 1/2" Needle (Insulin Needle)
Alcohol Swabs

Working out dosages for hCG is simple.

+) If you have 5,000IU hCG in the vial, and 20ml of sterile/bacteriostatic water, reconstituting this will create 250IU/ml.

+) If you have 5,000IU hCG in the vial, and 10ml of sterile/bacteriostatic water, reconstituting this will create 500IU/ml.

+) If you have 5,000IU hCG in the vial, and 5ml of sterile/bacteriostatic water, reconstituting this will create 1,000IU/ml.

+) If you have 5,000IU hCG in the vial, and 2ml of sterile/bacteriostatic water, reconstituting this will create 2,500IU/ml.

+) If you have 5,000IU hCG in the vial, and 1ml of sterile/bacteriostatic water, reconstituting this will create 5,000IU/ml.

Step 1
Take the cap off the hCG vial, so that it is ready to be swabbed by an alcohol pad.

Step 2
Prepare Insulin Needle (1 x 1ml 29g 1/2" Needle).

Step 3
Use an alcohol swab to wipe the top of the hCG vial.

Step 4
Prepare Sterile Water/Bacteriostatic (Sterile water in this case) ampoule and identify cracking point.

Step 5
Crack ampoule.

Step 6
Withdraw water from the sterile water ampoule.

Step 7
Inject sterile water into the hCG vial, slowly and ensure the water does not come in direct contact with the powder, instead inject so that the water falls onto the side of the vial and hits the glass before it comes into contact with the powder - hCG alongside all peptides are very sensitive compounds.

Be very careful that there is no vacuum from the difference in pressure with the atmosphere and the pressure within the vial. To combat this, inject the amount (ml) into the vial before withdrawing that same amount (ml).

Step 8
Now either store the hCG in the fridge ready for consumption or inject subcutaneously (a step-by-step guide will follow).

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So glad I came here first.. Well done!

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I have a question, how do you get the needle filled with bac water not to inject itself into the vial. It’s like the pressure makes it inject itself, I always get it directly wet.

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you have to hang on to the plunger to prevent that.

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Great resource, something to add to the library

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how long will it last after being reconstituted?

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Month in my experience because potency starts to go down

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Great info Thanks!

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If you reconstitute 5,000iu with 2ml of bac water, how many units on 1ml insulin syringe will get 500iu?
I believe it is 20 units.
Please confirm

I'm not good with mathematical stuff.

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With 2 ml you will have 2500 ui/ml, so with 0,2 ml you will have your 500 ui, it's 1/5 of your 1ml insulin syringe

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best hcg recon post iv seen, thanks!

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Thanks this is a very informative post!

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Using 3ml needle 1inch

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Love this read but I Ihave5ml bbac water shit is small like 2ml 5000iu

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Very good post. Simple, yet expansive knowledge. Great job man!

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Good post. Couldnt have said it any better! Need more post like this! Thanks

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Hey P, I've got some HCG on the way and your info has helped. I do have one question on reconstitution. I ordered 5000iu, plan dosing 500iu wkly split x2. My question is does it make any difference if I reconstitute with 10ml and pin 1/2ml per pin or reconstitute with 20ml and pin 1ml per pin?

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Good detailed writeup, thanks for that.

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i think this needs to be a sticky in the PCT section. would be nice to see a few good sticky threads in that section of the forum covering the basics or most common questions asked.

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Yay with pics! Nice post. Very useful in deed. One thing I like to do is turn the vial upside down while injecting the water. The gh puck will stay above the water until you turn the vial right side up slowly. Then you can begin the gentle agitation. That's probably just me over thinking things though.

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That's one way of reconstituting peptides and it works too. I prefer to inject the water at a slow rate against the side of the vial and then slowly roll around in the palms of my hands.

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Good stuff w/ the pics. Maybe for a little more clarification specify how much water to add. I think I dilute usually with 2ml. Will bookmark and send people to this. +1

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Thanks for the heads up - I'll add that in now!

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I'll add that in - re-pressurize the vial to prevent a vacuum.

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