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Now, I'm probably going to get flammed for this some, but after reading a bit where goth mentioned he competed at one point I figured I had to bring it up.

I competed in my first meet about a year ago and lifted in the 165 lbs weight class. It was a completely amazing experience for me, and I didn't do to bad either. I ended up with a 1150 total and completely hooked. Initially I wanted to stay at that weight for awhile and eventually rank, but then I figured that based on my height, 181 would be a better class for me overall. With that in mind, I changed my diet up and hit 180~ in around a month or two.

Shortly after that I decided that I'd run my first test cycle, but with a focus building strength rather than gaining weight. I'm sure a lot of guys here think 181 is pretty small, but it's a weight I feel that I look and feel the best at. So, anyone have any gear/training tips, recommendations, or what not for guys looking to compete or maybe focus on strength gains rather than weight gains?

*Sorry if this isn't in the right area by the way. Wasn't sure if it fit into the general steroids disc. or training section.

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Bro the gear is good and it will help a lot but the most important part is a good gym that is just for powerlifters.Iam 47 years old started lifthing 2 years ago.Had the good furtune to find a gym full of guys that knew the sport better than most,liked it so much i bought it.Recently did my first meet,it was a state meet.Came in 2nd 525 squat 355 bench 490 d.l. at 198 lb.Oh my gear home brew tren a.and test e. and a shoot of TNE before the meet.I know those numbers are not the best but i am 47 years old and never did any lifthing till 2 year ago.

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Great topic guys. I'm 54 (a blessing at meets lol) and bench only. I've won natty and on gear. Of course I prefer the gear! My bench goes up 40lbs or more. I like long esters for strength but I'm going to be using halo for my first meet this season.(Pittsburgh monster meet in April) I also compete in the 181's and can never seem to eat enough to make that next leap. My problem is that no one around here competes and I need a good training cycle. Any thoughts? I've used westside, and a 5x5 template. After a 5 week layoff I've been back training for a month and already doubled (360 raw at 177, touch and go) my goal for April is a 350 paused. Any help is appreciated.

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if you are trying to stay in 181s test p tren halo are what i would be looking at, they will put on the weight and strength you are looking for and it will be 'dry' no point in putting on another 15 pounds if half of it is water, good luck bro

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no point in putting on another 15 pounds if half of it is water

LOL...are you kidding me? 15 extras pounds of water weight would be a HUGE advantage in a meet, provided it doesn't put him into another weight class. He isn't going to gain 15 "dry" pounds on a power cycle that quickly, and water weight can be shed as needed.
Why do you think creatine makes you stronger temporarily?....that's another reason Deca is so effective at strength gain.
In the 31 years I've been involved in powerlifting, very few guys ever touched Tren or prop. Anadrol, Long-estered test and Deca are a powelifter's best friend.
Read his post again...he's just Barely in the 181s...he's got like 16 pounds to play with.

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I'm certainly planning to do my homework on tren, androl, halo, and the like, but I'm going to wait till I have more experience in the game before taking that dive. I've only run test e (still on) at 500mg/week up to this point, and just added some possibly bunk dbol into the mix. Thanks for the input bro.

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If you're going to compete in the 181s, then you would be well-advised to edge as close to the 198s as possible, without actually going into the 198s. Being just barely 181, you are going to be at a huge disadvantage by competing against guys who have you outweighed by 17 pounds.
I would advise you to either go back, or go up in weight dramatically. I squated 645 in the 148s once and still lost the meet. There are guys who are going to crush you if you don't pick up big weight and strength, and the 181s are a TOUGH weight class. Height has nothing to do with anything in this game bro. If you wanna stay in the 181s, I'd be looking to add another 15 pounds, but don't make weight gain your number one priority---the weight will take care of itself as you run through cycles.
Your power cycles should also make use of a strong oral like Anadrol, along with injectables like Deca and Test, and if your meets aren't tested, you want to make sure you take advantage of the various short-term performance compounds at your disposal.

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Just the man I was looking to hear from. 645 at 148, holy shit. Here I was feeling okay about a 500 lbs gym deadlift at 158 a few months back. I'll definitely take the advise to heart bro, I appreciate the reply. Since this was my first actual cycle I figured I'd just run test to see how I responded and gradually move up from there, although I am giving dbol a shit now as well.

What weight classes have you lifted in over the years?

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A 500 pound deadliift is damn good for a beginner. You'll keep going up provided you power cycles are done properly and you're only peaking/maxing once or twice per cycle.
I've lifted in the 148s and the 165s, but I was the most successful at 148.
Of course now I'm around 188-208, depending on where I'm at in my gear cycle, and wouldn't dream of taking 645 for a ride...NO Too old for that now.
The Test and D-bol is going to add weight to you, so make sure you take advantage of those compounds by using them in proper conjunction with your power cycles.

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I'm thinking of maybe sticking to the 165's for awhile now and just staying around 180ish when I'm not preparing for a meet. Again, I really appreciate your input, as well as everyone else's in this thread!

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Thanks for the input guys. I'm honestly a little concerned I'm not taking advantage of the gear as much as I could by only eating at maintenance, even though I'm getting an ample amount of protein in. Has anyone else around here competed in some meets?

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I believe with the tests run use prop or p.p. With is phenyl prop. Also like anavar or winstrol or turnibol.they have the best strength gains with out blowing up 2 big.

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Why would u get flamed for this? This is a good post bro..In my experience the only real difference between strength and weight gains is going to be in the diet, if you already know how to gain 10+ pounds in a month then do just that but make sure uour diet is tight..I'll let the other guys give you gear tips, good luck bro