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Post coma cycle


Long story short I was in an accident which led to several infections and required me to be an induced coma. I went from a solid 240 to 155 and lost almost all my strength. I'm still in PT and don't plan to jump into a cycle while healing. But I am looking for advice on what to run that will keep me lean and put on a reasonable amount of weight. I plan on running DHB, NPP and test prop. If any one has ideas or changes to make please let me know.

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GH and TRT for a year man, get your self right mentally and fully heal physically first.

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Also one of the reasons I'm thinking about getting on cycle once I'm healed up is because during the many complications I had I ended up losing my left testicle so my test levels must be non existent

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If your worried about test levels just do trt dose testosterone while your healing. I don't mean to be harsh but missing your testicle is no excuse to run cycles of npp or dhb like you say your thinking about doin within months of coming out of a coma. Your body just went thru trauma and shock. Your gonna have to train your muscles all over again to workout and lift while gaining strength. Doing anything other than testosterone is gonna put you at risk of tearing muscles or tendons or damaging joints because it's gonna boost your strength too much and your joints and tendons are gonna be weak from being in a coma. And could be possibly toxic to your body. If you must run something just do testosterone and maybe some hgh because the hgh will help strengthen your body overall and increase healing time and will probably just be beneficial to your overall situation. Trust me I know it's devastating to lose all that size and muscle but do your body rebuild smart don't rush it and hurt yourself. Your body is in delicate shape.

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1missing testicle is false on range being down.

Fact....not only your testicles produce testosterone. Fact....your body will compensate which is why you have 2 of most needed parts. ;)

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Right, I actually lost my right testicle a while ago and the other one compensated for it. Had bloodwork done a few months ago and came back at 900ng/dl without the use of exogenous testosterone. Loads didn't change either, but it does feel weird even 10 years later.

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God bless you, Bro! I know I’ve read that doctors prescribe Anavar to burn victims and AIDS patients to help them gain back quality muscle. I have no idea of what the dosing protocol is, but I would definitely ask your doctor and do some research on it before taking anything. I’ve heard the same about HGH, but I wouldn’t do it without a doctor overseeing it.

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Oh man, I couldn't imagine how hard that is to deal with mentally. I would say keep your mind right first and foremost. Like everyone else is saying eat clean and work hard. Your body has memory and the muscle will come back. I would recommend getting your levels checked and run nothing more than a TRT dose if needed.

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How bout a year just being alive and eating/gym first....

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Before any cycle just work out and eat and you will put on alot of weight and gain a lot of strength and muscle back. Get your muscles and.body naturally strong before you start running cycles. Or just run some testosterone if you want to do something. No need to run cycles just yet.

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The cycle is for once I'm all healed up and have been lifting natty for at least a couple months before I start

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Look I understand you are in a rush to get your size back but take it easy on your body. If you have to run anything just run a little testosterone and possibly some hgh. Wait as long as you can before you start to cycle.

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You're going to want something mild and non toxic, your body just went through a lot of stress, your organs likely took a beating. you'll bounce back quickly. NPP wouldn't be a bad idea, not sure about the DHB though, I would probably opt for a light and simple cycle up front just to get my body back in to the swing of things.