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No erection while on testo enanthat


Hi guys,

I’m 46 years old and I’ve started my testo cycle with 250mg E7 d just two weeks before. I’m also using 2 IU of hgh in the morning.
I can’t get an Erection from the second week on. Even on 10 mg cialis I can’t get hard. Before the cycle everything went well and now I’m really frustrated. I have no drive anymore. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? I should be horny as hell but even with stimulation and cialis there is no way to get hard.
I mean with cialis I should get hard no matter what. Should I stop the cycle? But even when I stop ,it should take some weeks again to have my hormones at balance again.
Has anybody experienced something like that?

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Ima guess u havnt stuck a finger in ur butt?
Check your prostate asap.. and contribute to the community by posting pics....

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Of the finger in the butt or the flaccid weaner? I know every time I put my finger in my butt I get a boner and the hiccups. I'd ask my doc but he has huge knuckles.

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Both... yea one or two fingers will make it stand up, and its not gay if u stop 2weeks before pct... rule of thumb for max girth is to watch tranny porn b4 and lesbian porn after to preserve mental well being.

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Sounds like high prolactin, did you get bloodwork done? What did that look like?

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There are rare cases where testosterone increases prolactine. I've seen it in a few of my clients.

It's rare therefor I asked OP if he had bloodwork done. OP is also using HGH which could further exacerbate prolactin issues.

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I was assuming and hoping his e2 was in check, my bad. But I agree e2 is the first thing to look at. And bloodwork is key!

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Lol, thank you! I think when it comes to steroid usage and side effects that can occur when using said steroids it's best to fall back on science (bloodwork) as much as we can. Going just by how one feels is, in my experience, a recipe for disaster.

Honestly its part of "responsible" steroid usage.

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Its pretty easy. Your gay. Not a bad thing tho

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I had that problem off 700 mg of test e and 300 Decca… far too much.

250 is a low does bro. Minimal sides.

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Nandrolone Decanoate - i should use the correct words. It’s like saying gear. I hate that word.

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Eliminate the "guessing game" and get bloodwork so you will know for sure what the root of the issue is. You are throwing darts In the dark while blindfolded until then. It's hard to understand some peoples reasoning sometimes....spend all that money on gear, food and gym lifestyle...which we all know is not cheap. Then they skimp out on the important things like bloodwork and would opt for spending more on other compounds that "might" fix their issue, instead of bloodwork which will definitively pinpoint the root of the issue. SMH

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Knowledge based decision making I guess… only when I joined this site did I learn bloodwork is Important. I’m nowhere near ready to run my 4th cycle and I’ve not been on steroids for 5 years. It represents my stupid decisions from the past. Only when I’m ready.

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Don’t listen to anyone telling you to throw more shit in the fire. First, figure out what type of fire it is.

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Bloodwork bloodwork and bloodwork

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Sometimes it’s just psychological. Or maybe someone sold you fake stuff. Cialis is no joke if it’s real, so that’s not good. Get some bloodwork,

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Yep blood work. After 2 weeks of test your libido should heighten.

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You need bloodwork to see whats going on. It could be e2 or something else.

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What is e2 ?

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I demand you do 50 hours of research… haha. .. study up. Can’t make mistakes at your age. Or you’ll end up like me with gyno scar tissue that should be cut out at 41 bro. Admittedly it’s not noticeable but it’s there. I know.
Put the time in mate. It’s worth it. Take notes and look shit up.

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estradiol. the estrogen you need to keep balanced

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I'd be surprised if he's getting estrogen problems off 250mg/wk of Test.

Kill Estrogen = Kill IGF-1 levels

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It does seem unlikely. My thinking was that maybe his body doesn't like the e7d pinning frequency. Either way this guy needs blood work and lots of research haha.