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Blood work - When is safe to get it done?


Hello eroids brothers and sisters,

I had covid several weeks ago and had what they thought was myocarditis I think it’s called. They ran blood work and I was safe, hearts healthy, lungs good, etc. Anyways, my question is since I had 5 vials of blood drawn, how long do I need to wait until I go get my female panel done for on cycle bloods?

I asked the doctor how long to wait in between blood work sessions and he kind of looked at me / walked off. I’ll be honest I’ve not been the type to do blood work often but I’m trying to be smarter and take better care of myself. How long is safe to wait before getting blood drawn again?

Thanks for reading.


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If you call and ask your doctor they're gonna tell you. 3 weeks is what they tell me btw. 3 weeks before drawing blood again. I'm only talking drawing not donating.

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He wouldn’t tell me in person and when I call, they leave a voicemail for him to call me. He hasn’t called back in days, so I decided to check here. I’ll just wait 3 weeks then, thanks for letting me know.