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Heres my question my source has been catchin heat about his gear bein fake. I currently am Running 40mg's of D-Bol which today is my last day of the 4 week kicker I used it for. I am also running Test-P Test-E and Deca which I been on for 3 weeks now. Not sure if strenght gains are from the oils or orals. Do know the Test-E takes a bit longer to get in my system! So how long should I wait to go get test? Will the D-Bol affect results? If so how long should I wait? Thanks

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I don't know, but good question. I would like to konw that at well.

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Hey Nate thanks brotha!

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Go buy some new gear so u dnt have to 'wonder' if its real. That's what I did and im happy now im feeling great also. My next purchase is gonna be veyron I am drawn to that lab for some reason....could be the flashy colors lol

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and how would I go about doing that?

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thanks bro

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TY grrrl

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whats that suppose to mean?