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Arimadex - raised Alt, slightly raised Ast


I went and got a full panel the other day, the doctors said my heart was good, kidneys, liver, etc. I made a post about this. However, I viewed my results for myself just out of curiosity and saw elevated Alt and slightly Elevated Ast.

I’ve heard arimadex can raise liver enzymes, i was also on antibiotics for a dental infection at the time of blood work. By the way I only took .25 arimadex every 3 days.

Anyone had elevated Alt or Ast and if so what did you do to drop it?


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That ALT level is quite high mate - mine was only slightly more and I had been running heavy tren and Dbol for quite a few months albeit with liver supps routinely. Doctors would normally say anything over 100 is to be of concern, but having said that if he said nothing then maybe everything else checked out. They tend to be either more concerned with the AST or ALT depending on the person, if your AST was only 2 over he probably thought you are okay.

Bare in mind that these cycle support capsules containing various supps all grouped together as one often contain less than the recommended doses of 600mg Tudca, 300mg Milk Thistle, 1 to 1.5 gram of NAC everyday. Another good one to take is Artichoke powder which I have recently added in and also Choline Bitartrate which believe it or not has been proven to reverse fatty liver disease if taken by I.V. Showing it is very effective and under rated. Its cheap too to add in.


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Adex doesn't raise liver enzymes. You got something else going on. I would say more likely your infection. How elevated are we talking about? If your doc wasn't worried about, then I wouldn't be either. If you are losing sleep over it then ask your doc about them.

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Adex has been around forever and studied to death and increased enzymes are not an issue with it. Antibiotics commonly increase liver enzymes, that is probably why your doc wasn't concerned cause he probably expected it.

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Never heard that arimidex elevates liver enzymes but you cant go wrong with some tudca.