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A couple of shots taken prior to EBC finals pics.

I will update this in a week or two with some new pics after putting some lbs back on!

THANK YOU to Basicstero and Roidsource for their support during the EBC


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Think I would rate this (IMO) The BEST physique Ive seen on the board.... amazing symmetry man! :))

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Wow...very kind compliment but I am sure there may be one or two others on here who have yet to share pics...in the mean time I'll hold the title for'em.

I've always been a symmetry guy (OCD) and just looking to improve the never ending art piece every year.

Appreciate the kind words Black Steel.

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I'm getting better with age!

I've put on more quality tissue while holding an even leaner look in the past 2yrs than the previous 8.

Changed how I train to be specifically for muscle growth and injury prevention along with more focus on eating more as I adjust supplementation.

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Exactly - all these guys that come up with excuses as to why they can't now do this or that because they are over 30 is BS - Look at Stan Efferding still smashing world records at 49!

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He is one lean beast!!!

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Preach on Jayisk!!!

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Great physique! Swole the fuck up. No homo+

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Appreciate the kind words...IT 2 should be pretty interesting once its out this year!!!

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Physique looks great, but +1 for being such a good sport and mentor within this community. Eroids is lucky to have you.

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GM, just playing a smart part in this great community alongside you and the others!

There are many here who share a tremendous amount of quality info and encouraging others is what we ALL can do at the very least.

I'm happy to be here.

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Thank you sir!

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41 going on 21 (enjoying life wise) and about 65 (gotta keep tendons and joints safe) all at the same time.

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Thank you bigbob!

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Dam. Looking great bro

Awesome work

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Tank you Nick!

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insane brother !! +++++

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Just getting started.

Working my way back to 220-225lbs which is my heaviest.

Then, 230-240lbs by end of year.

Slower pace than most but its about how long you can carry your new weight vs how quickly that will make it your bodies new norm.

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What weight did you end up being pal in the end?

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I believe it was 203lbs nude upon waking.

My plan was 198lbs but tooth issue buggered eating up.

At 213lbs nude upon waking and probably 217lbs by evening

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I was thinking around 220lb's actually! Were you not able to eat the foods you wanted to - were they harder foods to chew?

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I eat steak primarily.

No matter how well cooked etc. with a cracked tooth down the middle it was very sensitive even when chewing on other side.

Even eating softer foods.

Life happens.

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I feel for u man. I had a filling fall out a few weeks ago at a baseball game eating fucking pistacios. Well abiut 4 dayd ago this MFER STARTED HURTING 24 FUCKING 7. So eating is a chore and i dont dare drink anything cold

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Swole brotha! I'd say this lifestyle is going exceptionally for you+1

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Over 30years in the craft does have it's perks.

Still lots more to know and GROW!!!

225lbs is my heaviest and I want to hit 240lbs by end of year with ab's.

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I meant to say exceptionally well lol you definitely know what you're doing...stay at it bro.

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Appreciate the encouragement.

Staying on track and growing slowly in case when I turn 45 or 50 I want to compete again. LOL

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HUGE!! Great work brother +1 from me!

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Appreciate the kind words konig.

Thank you.

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big ramy it’s you?

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Just made me spit coffee out my nose brother!


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Killing it man.
The perfect example of hard work and dedication +

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Thank you Cochise!

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Whole package right there. Great job bro

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Thanks GM...just good enough to not place ;)

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Appreciate it Dobermann!

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I would love to be one of their Beefy Booth Guys at shows internationally!

Did that back in the day at the Arnolds for a regular supplement company and it was a blast.

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I did during my brief natural pro career.

Some good times and screwed over by one but I was a kid and enjoyed the ride.

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Damm sick men !!

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Thanks Bundlz.

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Huuuuge!!!!! Your killing it

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Damn bro. Seriously. Just damn. Hats off to your brother. Freaking killing it. Big +++