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+ 25 Holding at 219-222lbs


Been a while since I posted pics.

This time last year I was 202-205lbs and I do believe I am a smidge leaner now even with the weight increase.

Feeling healthy although for some reason 212-216lbs felt horrible and then 217+ came and I felt good...no change in supps.

Just using Pharma NOLT and TEST E from pharmacom and have used GH from sciroxx and mgt for the past couple months along with other TABOO too. Some proviron daily and recently pulsed drol for two weeks and on first week off of two. Almost forgot 3-4 on/off on BioPeptide IGF-1LR3 from DFS

Holding at this weight even though I keep thinking about 225 but hitting 220lbs was the goal.

Changes to when I will be competing this year for my pro card has changed and if I do earlier than expected I only have about 4-5weeks of holding this or getting to 225lbs before changing supps and working the cut.

I've never done anymore than 5-6weeks for dieting but going to do 10weeks this time just to see if there is any difference which I expect in regards to being ready perhaps 3 weeks early instead of 1.5weeks out.

I'm looking forward to changing up and/or adding certain supps that are going to bring back my usual sick vascularity and also being fuller and tighter at the same time.

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Whay hapen ppl beging you take down pic so they not feel small ?? Hahahahha

Just teasing big bro ;-)



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monster!! you are doing great

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Thank you Ladyluck89!

Appreciate the kind words.

Stay healthy and in lean n' mean form yourself!

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Cronus, thank you for the kind words.

135-145lbs in high school at about 5-6% body-fat and a TRUE ECTO at the start.

Humble beginnings my friend and I am just proving to myself that all of my dreams have been worthwhile having and bringing to reality.

"That which your mind can Conceive and Believe it too, shall ACHIEVE!"
Napolean Hill & W.Clement Stone

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Holy smokes man.... you look fantastic! Solid as an oak tree and still lean to boot! I've read all your post down below and the fact that you take the time to lay it all out there is so greatly appreciated! I wish you well on your journey to pro!!

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TY Hunter2400.

Doing my best to share and learn while I can.

I want to see everyone with a dream succeed not matter how big or small it may be!

Playing a very small role in some way that helps is the BLESSING in return.

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Those are some awesome gains bro, you look fantastic! will take some notes from your routine try and incorporate them into mine. Thanks for posting.

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Yep...still staring at your avatar! LOL

TY you for the kind words.

Use what you can but remember change what needs to for it to work for you.

Although HEALTH is my #1 focus...I am using allot of synergistic compounds and some of them at moderately advanced dosages along with a ton of food/shakes.

Its a cumulative process ensuring everything is done to Optimize results and once I turn pro the 4.0 version will be MAXIMIZING everything to ensure I am at the very least competitive if not continue my dominance.

I've gotten some great info researching on here along with my own decades of research and doing my best to contribute back insight for those seeking higher levels of achievement.

The mental, physical and spiritual self all have to be in harmony and cared for.

No easy feat and why I am still youngish in my walk!!!

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Ah man we are opposite body types! I’m super ecto and 6’5. How do you keep your core so small bulking?!?! Do you just not gain there? So jealous +1

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Hey Cougars59, thank you!!

Actually I was born a TRUE ECTO small bone frame, hyper lean, fast metabolism and extreme HARD gainer.

135lbs when I entered high school (likely about 1-2" shorter than I am now which is short) and was 145lbs when I left if I recall.

So very much the same body type to start with just decades of consistency and I am know about 70% Meso and 30% Ecto now which for my small bone frame is working great.

I do not train abs so as to minimize thickness and I am only "thinking" about training my Transverse Abdominals (the ones under the ones people see. These keep your belly in check) by simply doing vacuums in the near future.

I do not like the vacuum pose at all in competition (leave that shit for the classic dudes) but doing it to keep a slimmer stomach is worth while.

Another thing is, although I can get a bloated belly from quantity of food/shake I do not force feed and since I do not train ultra heavy anymore I don't do heavy squats.

I still see idiots in the gym actually doing weighted side bends (men and women) and a ton of ab work.

By keeping my core tight during all my training, while driving and/or talking when I remember to do so it seems to work best at ensuring as slim a waist as possible.

25" in high school and I managed 29" for my June Show...with concentrating on widening shoulders etc. its giving the illusion needed.

I pay special attention to my stomach as again it can look prego when I am eating huge meals or having a huge shake with high volume dextrose. All the supps I use can also cause issues and it is all about being watchful of it

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Beast! U look awesome!!

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Thank you Alex.

I decided this was the year I am going to bust through and turn Pro (again, but in another organization) and have to do what I gotta do to beat those young cats!

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very impressive .

you have got the full package there .what ever your doing keep doing it .. the end

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Appreciate the kind words flapjack.

Yep, so long as I stay healthy 3.0 will come through for a big win.

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Fucking unit.

Can you share your diet?

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I've posted on one of my other threads but I'll give in brief here.

4 shakes per day = 180+grms carbs/dextrose + 60grms whey isolate high quality protein.

210x4= 840 x 4 shakes = 3360cals (sometimes it may be 3 shakes if my day gets buggered

1-2 meals per day = 100carbs + 88grms protein + 30grms fat.

188 x 4 = 752 cals plus 30x9= 270

Meals total =1022cals For one meal so x2 for 2meals. (Sometimes I will split these rather large tedious to eat meals in half so it will be 2-4 smaller meals)

So quality nutrient food/shake total is about 4382-5404.

Of course in grow season I may eat out at least once in a day for a nice 800-1200cal meal that is steal healthyish and I will have some ice cream as desired and a few bowls of Frosted flakes between the morning and if/when I wake up around 3am. These are not counted in caloric totals for the day.

Eat 1-2 bananas a day if we have them along with other fruit like apples or mandarins and I may have half a stack of ritz crackers (low sodium) with peanut butter as desired for snacks.

My estimated guess on any given day is about 5000-6700cals of total food/shake consumption unless I was supposed to include my Pepsi (real sugar) too. ;)

With the amount of compounds working synergistically and the quantity I'm trying to eat as much as I can right now during growing phase while keeping an eye on my stomach and body fat.

Simply put, I do not want to waste all the gear etc. I am using because of lack of nutrients.

Gotta eat big to get big and I am finding out this year especially that there is solid truth in everything going up in order to get past plateaus.

Hope that helps.

Totally laughing at myself..."brief" I said. LMAO

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Looks like my math was off.

Each shake has about 180 (I'm now on 190) grams of carbs between juice and dextrose along with 60grm protein.

That equal 960cals per shake not 840.

Which equals 3840cals in shakes alone.

Little update since I caught it before anyone else. LOL

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Big man with a wealth of knowledge

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I'm a humble researcher...but a dominate combatant.

The warrior in the garden approach has worked well for me.

Learn, understand, train with purpose and ready to WIN when needed.

Otherwise, just tend to the garden so as to ensure harmony with the rest of oneself.

*I admired Dorian Yates for his ability to be the "SHADOW" where he would come to America, collect his victories and money than bugger off home and let the "smaller minds" bicker among themselves.

Nothing wrong with being a showman and of course being a larger voice for the sport but so many would have just been better off shutting up and following suit with Dorian*

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Well said man. You've clearly got your head straight and the results to back it up. Good on you my man.

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Exotic you look phenomenal sir. Well done and thank u for sharing the layout.

Fr sent

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Haha, being your size nothing is brief!

Thank you for taking the time on writing that detailed advice.

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Yeah, if I share I try to be as accurate as possible as leaving out things (as we all do at times with no ill intent) makes it challenging to then take the advice and see how/if it can be utilized for ourselves.

If you leave someone scratching their head...it was better off you not share in the first place. LOL

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Need lads like you around these forums.

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God damn man ... you on your way to pro card ! Massive improvement since you came and you was already advanced

Brutal mass , great shape , great conditioning , full muscle belies and freaky bodyparts

Much respect from me , im rooting for you !

Respect brother


+10000 true bodybuild

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Brother Dope!

Thank you for the kind words and I definitely appreciate the critique from last time I put a few pics.

Yes, the extra 18-20lbs have been good and making sure quality by keeping body fat down best as possible.

I'm excited to start getting some quality leg days back in the mix and with some compound changes, I am hoping to keep up around 210-215;bs+ while dropping serious body fat in the process.

God willing I'll remain healthy as that is #1 priority.

Looking forward to seeing your progress pics at some point Smile

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Very impressive, great work!+

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TY sir!

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Amazing physical man.
Just wow.
Good job...

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Thank you for the kind words november1!

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Huuuuge ! ++

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TY stairmaster.

Someday I will be YUUUUGE! LOL

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That first picture almost looks fake lol!! Incredible back and bi's brother God damn that is nice to see.. +1 from me..

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Appreciate the kind comment konig.

Nope, not fake just cropped to get less of the wall and of course what is needed to ensure identity is somewhat secure etc. Just my shitty ass phone cam most of the time and the amazing woman in my life's lesser shitter ass cam usually.

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Phenomenal +

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Thank you sir!

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Appreciate it samIam!!!

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Answered in another post.

They are OK (better than most) but not at what I call my normal is supposed to be since I had a scare a little over 2months ago.

Got Xray and MRI and given the green light that nothing damaged other than "old manitus" ie: arthritis is starting to come in and why the slight injury may have caused as much pain as it did.

Should be good with the warmer weather ahead and although I will not likely take them up on the option for a cortico-shot it is an option if needed during prep.

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lookin big, exotic, and fit!

no homo

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Good to hear from you.

TY sir and I don't ever take compliments awkwardly no matter who speaks them.

I've been around so many good natured people (and bad of course) from all walks of life.

Besides, it's the person receiving the compliment that makes the decision on how they interpret the intent and most just need to chill and be great full someone was kind.

You still have some time to up the ante yourself before the annual "summer carve up"...get at it! Smile

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Good work man! You’ve definitely put in time and stayed focused! Hard work pays off.

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Decades of mostly consistent work.

God willing my next decade or two will be even better!

TY for the kind words KMF.

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Very very impressive sir, like someone else already said below you look much heavier. +

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Name of the game isn't it happycapy!

The illusion one is to bring to the stage by harnessing their best efforts with worthwhile presentation.

I've said before that 220lbs was not even on the horizon (failed and less than healthy feeling attempts in the past only got me to 213lbsish) but leaned up, did a show and this grow season I did better at eating and ensuring the most synergistic approach to the compounds used.

230-235lbs next maybe...but 260lbs might have to leave that to those above 5'5". LMAO

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YOURE A MONSTER BRO!! It’s pics like this that keep me going! Thank you for the motivation brother !!

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2tonstony really inspiring to hear these have motivated you!!!

Felt like it was time to get some "feedback" as I know there is much work to do but I know a few on here may remember some pics I posted between 203-210lbs a while back for comparison.

Time to get focused yourself, plan out how much you can get in for quality calories and then create your compound plan off that and perhaps a change in training if it has been a while.

Don't need to do all of it at one shot but in doing so I've found it remarkable how much my body responded.

I'm certain you can make an awesome go of it yourself!

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Incredible job my man, keep hammering!!!!